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  1. gr8designer

    Edit Number Format On Plot Plan

    Bill Emery, thank you!! It now works wonderfully!!
  2. gr8designer

    Edit Number Format On Plot Plan

    Hello! I may not know how to pose this question, which is why I couldn't get an answer from the manual or online. , can anyone tell me how to edit or change the dimensions on the plot plan? I know how to do it in floor plans and sections and elevations, but it doesn't seem to work for me in Plot Plans. An currently on Version X7 Plot Plan.bmp
  3. gr8designer

    Before and After

    Transformations manifested!
  4. gr8designer

    My Interiors

    My work on interiors
  5. gr8designer

    San Francisco Bay Area Users

    Thanks for the info! I might just want to take this class, mainly since it's going to be taught in Chief. Is my assumption correct? I just need a refresher course in architectural drafting but I need the Chief training, mainly,.
  6. gr8designer

    How to insert text or "watermark" on drawings?

    These are GREAT ideas and excellent tips! Thanks, everyone! I feel like giving you all a party!
  7. I'm one of those that started Chief awhile ago, last version was V10, then stopped because of a regular 9-5 job not using chief, and now am back again very excited about using Chief for architectural drawings! So, whatever I learned before, I have to relearn. So, here goes.... How does one insert text or a watermark, similar to the attached Chief drawing? Thanks for all your help!
  8. gr8designer

    Attic Stair

    I can use this! Thank you so much!