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  1. Yes, as with many online forms people are more interested in letting you know that you don't know how to search for things then they are with actually answering. I came across this also trying to figure it out. Half this software is trying to find work arounds
  2. You mean discreet graphics? The chip has an 8 core graphics processor which benchmarks comparable with an rx550 or gtx1650. The top Max chip will bring you to about the same as a vega56/rtx2080. Source
  3. I actually thought about this but didn't realize I could use the edit area to move it without having to realign everything. I do have to refer to the lower floors from time to time but it wouldn't be a big deal to throw in some reference walls because it's only for load bearing info. tnx!
  4. I searched the forums and the help files and all my menus but I'm unable to figure out if there's a way that I can turn off certain floors while I'm working. I'm currently working on a five floor 20,000 square foot mansion that's being converted into 8 condominiums. Now that I've got to the point where I have 6 large chef kitchens, 18 bathrooms, 115 windows, 89 doors, 530 recessed light etc etc it's gotten to the point that even though I have a new and capable computer it's taking about one to two seconds every time I click my mouse or something to happen. With bigger actions it can take 5 seconds for something to happen. Even just switching from 2D to 3D view takes about 5 seconds. My big question is can I just turn off the first three floors and keep working on the 4th floor? Turning off layers helps but when you're trying to work in 3D it totally kills your vibe when half the stuff that should be there is missing. ty! CA x12
  5. Nevermind, I figured it out. I was skipping step 4 racking my brain trying to find that tool in step 3. I think the steps are too wordy for my simple brain and for what I was trying to accomplish. I accidently figured out a quicker way to select only doors or windows (which was my particular use case) while playing around. In case others need what I was looking to do... In Layer Display Options.... Switch Layer Set to All Layers OFF Check the box to View Walls Check the box to Lock Walls (this makes walls un-selectable) Check the box to View Doors or Windows (Do not lock!) Now drag cursor or ctrl-A to select the doors or windows. Edit, Move or Delete or whatever you need to do.. Viola! Unlock and uncheck walls and doors/windows and go back to Working Plan View Thanks for the guide that set me on the right course!
  6. hmm. x12 and this isn't quite working for doors and windows. Even locked they wont appear without the walls. any ideas?
  7. sorry to revive an old thread but this is not the best solution and will only work if you have an odd number of windows with one in the center. the align tool will work much better for even or odd numbers of windows.