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    Layout Box Label Font & Size

    Awesome, thanks to you both.
  2. I'm working in Chief Architect Premier X12 on Windows 10. I want to change the text size of the layout box label, and the font as well. I looked through all the settings under Default Settings for the layout file but nothing changed it. Is it a text style in the drawing file itself?
  3. BWoods

    Syncing Title Block Between Pages.

    Ahh, wow, simple solution. Thanks a ton!
  4. I'm working in CA Premier X12. I want my Plan title in the title block (address & customer name) to sync with all pages when I change it on one page. As of right now I just change one and copy and paste in place to the rest of the pages. I've looked through the macros available in rich text and didn't see anything that would give me this functionality. How can I go about doing this?
  5. SOLVED: Camera was clipping the whole drawing. For anyone with a similar issue in the future: Check the camera position in plan view and set the clip distance to as little as possible. From the Orthographic view, it looked far from the plan but it was actually right next to it and clipping the entire plan.
  6. I'm working on CA Premier X12. I'm trying to put 2 isometric views into my layout with a plot line view option in Line Drawing rendering mode. I am able to do this with one view and it works fine. The other view disappears when I switch it to plot line view. If I set it to Plot Line with color, the color shows up but no plot lines. If I set the 1st view to plot line with color, it shows both the plot lines and the color. I'm not sure if this is a layer issue or what, but I've deleted and recreated both Camera Views multiple times to no avail. I can't understand why they're behaving differently when I follow the exact same process for each. Picture 1 shows the top left in plot line view, bottom right in live view. Picture 2 shows when I change bottom right to plot lines. Picture 3 shows when I change both to plot lines with color.
  7. BWoods

    [X11] Changing Select Objects Keybinding

    Yes PC, sorry I will add that to my signature. And yea, just said CMD for clarity's sake. I will look into this, thanks.
  8. BWoods

    [X11] Changing Select Objects Keybinding

    I'll try this out, thank you.
  9. BWoods

    [X11] Changing Select Objects Keybinding

    Apologies for the late replies everyone. Forgot to turn on notifications. I didn't know CMD+E allows you to open objects. I will definitely start using this as keyboard short cuts are much more familiar to me than having to click on the interface. When I previously used ACAD, almost every single function I used regularly was on a keybind. Coming into chief and having barely anything be on keybinds by default has been tough to get used to. This is correct. Essentially, all I'm looking for is to be able to hit escape and not take me to a previously used tool. If there's a better solution to this than swapping the keybinds for space and esc, I'm all ears. This is a good question I hadn't thought of. I would assume that Chief keybindings only change how they function within the drawing area, and not within dialogue boxes. I have been in this situation for sure. This is where I'm a little confused. For example: Lets say I'm drawing a bathroom. I currently have the cabinet tool selected and click to place a cabinet where I want it. After placing it, I can see that a door I've already placed is in the way and needs to be moved. With the cabinet tool selected, trying to select anything other than a cabinet will just place another cabinet instead of selecting the door. Hitting space (to go back to select objects tool) will allow me to select the door. Hitting Escape once MIGHT take me back to select objects, but it also might take me to a different tool that still won't allow me to select my door (depending on what tool I was using previously of course) leading me to have to hit escape again until I get to the select objects tool. Maybe my mindset or the way I'm thinking about it is wrong? Let me know. I'll look into this. Thanks for the replies all.
  10. I'm working in Chief Architect Premier X11 on Windows 10. I want to swap the function of the space and escape keys as I am used to AutoCAD and hitting Escape when I want to deselect everything and go back to my default selector tool. I went into the keybinding changing dialog but can't figure out how to set a function to the escape key. Instead of putting Esc in the box where you apply the key bindings, it just closes the window. Is there a way I can change this? Or am I stuck having to use something other than escape?
  11. BWoods

    [X11] Dimensions without the number?

    Solution 1 will work for me. Thanks!
  12. I'm working in Chief Architect Premier X11 and would like to put a dimension in without the number from the dimension, just my own text for a "height to be determined" scenario. I see I can add the leading/trailing text segments, and also that I can make it a blank segment, but that gets rid of all the text as well as the number. Surely there's a better solution that to just draw my own dimension lines.
  13. BWoods

    Fireplace with Tapered Sides & Front.

    Took a little bit of playing around but this got me exactly what I needed, thanks a ton. Picture is attached for anyone who may be looking for something similar in the future and stumbles upon this thread. Will definitely check out this video also. Thanks.
  14. BWoods

    Fireplace with Tapered Sides & Front.

    Thanks. I'll look into it.