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  1. Thank you! I’ll give that a try.
  2. I tried that it just puts a wall behind it. On the perspective framing view it wasn’t correct or maybe I did something wrong. It was trying to occupy the same space as the truss.
  3. I am still learning the software but I can’t find any answers on how to show or add the exterior finish on a gable end truss. My trusses have a 16” energy heal and I was able to change the last truss to what I call a gable truss. I think it’s called an “end truss” in CA. I created it but I can’t seem to find how to complete it when selected or maybe I am missing the option where to add the OSB , Tyvek and siding. Maybe I missed the option when I checked “force rebuild”? advice?
  4. Designing a small home. 20X30 with a 12X20 garage. I keep watching videos and I keep making things worse. Main house 20X30 Slab foundation. (actually it will be a block foundation below grade with a slab floor at living height) 16" tall 19.2" OC floor trusses, 20' for the mechanicals. The 12X20 garage attic area will be where the HVAC and HW heater are housed. Garage ceiling/floor height is set to the bottom of the main house second floor trusses. This way it can utilize the floor trusses as a chase for all the HVAC and plumbing. I finally got the floor trusses done. Not perfect b
  5. I figured the 8 core GPU, 16GB would do better.. Try downloading some add-ons to your library and see if it lags when Rosetta does the “translate on the fly”. I’d be curious to know.
  6. That article just answered my question. The sluggishness comes from “translate on the fly as needed” I added additional content after the initial install.
  7. I wonder if when you download additional content will Rosetta know and translate the X86 code to ARM? I understand during the initial install it will but not sure about add ons.
  8. Steve-C made a post about using a MacBook Pro with the M1 but he doesn’t mention how much memory he has. Also the MacBook Pro uses all 8 cores as where as my MacBook Air only uses 7 cores. This could make all the difference in rendering especially if he has 16GB of memory. Rosetta 2 does the translation from X86 code to ARM code. If I’m not mistaken it’s kinda like emulation software. It would still need to run along side of the program. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.
  9. I have an M1 MacBook Air 8GB that I installed Chief Architect on. For those of you wondering it does work running under Rosetta 2. I just clicked “install” so I am assuming it’s running under Rosetta. No issues drafting. The only slowdown I have experienced is when adding certain things from the library. Kitchen and bath fixtures. 3D rendering. It then becomes sluggish. Once you close the library the sluggishness goes away. This might be because of the lack of a dedicated graphics or only having 8GB total memory. Granted, I am new to the software so my experience is limited as far as a