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Hi everybody,

I need a help - again.

I was playing with settings, and committed suicide.

I changed something in (probably) reference floors display setting, so, now when reference floor display is activated, it doesn't shows just thin red lines, but entire content of reference floor - including material fills, furniture, text, dimension lines, just everything. That makes such a huge mess on screen, that any work is impossible with "reference floors" on.

I tried to set that back in layer management, but reference floor layer set looks just normal, as on other plans.

If I start New plan, it works as it should 0 showing just thin red lines.

Any ideas what I did and how to set it back?

I attached three screenshots - first floor, second floor and second floor with reference ON. As you can see, it's an ugly mess, specially since I have a habit of using all kind of CAD lines as temporary stuff, so now there is just too much on the screen.





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Click on the floor number to get to the reference Layer info. Make sure you are referencing the correct floors, then that you are using the correct reference Layer. I have feeling that somehow the reference Layer got changed.



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HumbleChief, that solved the problem.

Thank You a bunch!!!


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