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  1. Absolutely. So did you make this one up or is it from a manufacturers catalog? Thanks Russ
  2. Thanks Found one close enough in the Simpson Catalog. Appreciate your response
  3. Thanks. Much Appreciated
  4. Trying to find this door in chief. Can someone recommend a supplier that has this in the Chief library. My apologies for asking this previously under my brothers account
  5. That it. So how? Please
  6. delete the bottom glass and make glass narrower
  7. Want to resize the glass nd delete the bottom glass. In canada, the bottom glass would be always dirty Could not find a video on you tube. You Tube Challenged ... perhaps
  8. Thanks will check it out. Appreciate the fast response
  9. Looking to resize the windows in a modern steel 4 panel garage door and take one out of the bottom panel? Suggestions?
  10. Done. Still could use some help.... Please. As I said this is a new problem( being unable to change the fill on a plan
  11. On the wall issue, It is the fill color on the plan that I cannot alter. A recent issue only
  12. Thanks for your help here. When I double click on the Auto D toggle, No menu comes up as you have shown. It has only been lately that I can neither alter the locates for the dimensions and wall fill colors. Is perhaps something I have alter accidentally in the settings? When I go to thee dimension defaults, I can reset the locates on the manual dimensions but it will not open the auto dimension Thank Russ
  13. When I click on defaults Auto dim, no screen pops up to adjust the locates
  14. cannot gain access to it. . Dimensions yes Auto no