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  1. I figured out how to adjust the size of the "living area" font - however I can't seem to figure out how to increase the size of the actual calculated living area number - is this possible?
  2. Thanks - I've watched a few and they help a lot. I do often miss things though.
  3. Thanks! I'm brand new to the product so I'm just dabbling and learning as I go.
  4. Hello, I noticed Chief calculates my living area based on the full size of the house including the garage initially. I could always calculate the size of the garage and remove it from that number but I was wondering if it was possible to enable that within Chief Architect?
  5. Found it - the people in the videos must have auto rebuild roof turned on. For anyone wondering - go to build roof and turn on auto - same with foundation if you want it automatically generated or as solver said go to build roof and manually select it.
  6. I did not. I drew a box like this guy did and he has a roof - I didn't see him create a roof in the video. I can send you more where they seemed to do the same thing and they get roofs.
  7. Thanks - maybe the videos I was watching didn't need this step as it was a different version. All he did was draw a box that I thought was for the decking and boom he had a roof. Seemed like the guy building a deck did it the same way (how to make screens video). Chances are since I've only been playing with this software in my spare time for a week, I'm doing something obviously wrong.
  8. Hello, I initially started using the software to figure out how much space I'd need and the size and possible shapes of the rooms I would need once I filled them with crap like tables, chairs, sofas, islands, vanities, beds etc. It has been wonderful for that! I didn't spend any time on colors or materials. Then I decided I might as well look at what the house would look like from the outside (hideous and boxy) so that I could modify the house a bit. I hadn't bothered to look before but I don't seem to have any roof or I'm using the wrong tool to look at it. I watched a video on it and it seemed straightforward but I'm doing something wrong. I see a ceiling but no roof.
  9. Thank you both - very helpful. I got a ton of stuff from the 3dwarehouse that I couldn't find otherwise as well as a few things on the chief website.
  10. Thanks!! I deleted the divider and then the double door thing did it! I'm trying to do farmhouse style of sink but have a similar issue - the countertop sits above the bulk of the basin. Any suggestion?
  11. Hello, I'm wondering if I'm using the wrong term or just don't know where I can download more image files. I'm still learning about the program so I may be missing the obvious. Things I'd like - Kitchen Islands Knife block More kitchen ranges Toaster Oven Exercise equipment - e.g. elliptical, bike, treadmill
  12. Thanks so much! This great!
  13. Thanks both of you! Can you tell me if it shows the handle for the standard windows that swing open using a side hinge?
  14. Hello, I just noticed when I created a vanity, the sink has a divider from the wood framing sticking through it. Can you help me fix it?
  15. Hello, I'm brand new to chief architect and am learning a lot from the videos I've watched but almost all of my windows are either tilt & turn or fixed windows and I keep on putting in double hung because I can't figure out what may be obvious. Can you tell me how to use chief architect with the right windows?
  16. Hello, I'm sure that these are pretty common in new house builds but I haven't figured out how to select one. Can you let me know where to look? I know for visio you can download templates from a lot of manufacturers - is there anything like this for Chief Architect?