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  1. Hi Adam. No, I have 1-3/4" Colorado Stone (model stone) and so no ledge is necessary. I also have the pony wall above set so that the foundation aligns with the main stud layer and not the model stone. I'm a bit confused.
  2. I have a pony wall on two sides of the front porch, and the foundation has strange gaps in it (pics attached). I'm baffled.
  3. So, we bought a Valve Index headset, upgraded the video card Nvidia 3080rtx, and the VR is much improved over Oculus, but still not good enough to show to my clients....Not sure what else I can do to improve...maybe a Pimax?
  4. Thank you everyone! I reset my preferences and everything is now working. I have no idea what happened, but I really appreciate everyone's time and help as always. Have a great week my friends!
  5. A better picture with my crosshairs out of the way.
  6. When we click outside our plans, we get the "shadow" around it which is the "exterior room. For some reason, last week, my program stopped doing that and instead there is only a very tiny pair of lines instead of the shadow. Support didn't know how to fix it and it's driving me crazy. Does anyone know of a reason that this might have happened and how to restore it? Thanks.
  7. I can't thank you all enough. I created a later set called Elevation Layer set and set it up as well as I can for the moment, and it's light years ahead of where I was at. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the community here at Chief Architect. What an amazing departure from my 35 years working with autocad. You're all amazing.
  8. Thanks everyone, I'll give this a try. Not very experienced with creating layer sets, but trial and error (probably mostly error), will be the order of the day. I'm so used to 2D elevations in Autocad and control over line weights....on the other hand, I'm so glad to not be using Autocad Architecture anymore. Thanks again!
  9. Thanks for your help. I'm surprised that when sending a view to layout, it doesn't have more control than that really. Is there a better way to do that? I usually like my edges to be heavier as well as the roof lines (even heavier), and windows/doors etc. lighter line weights. I'm probably looking for something that can't happen unless I create a CAD detail from view and edit all the lines. Bummer, but again, thanks so much.
  10. Is there a way to send an elevation to layout and define all the lines by layer, instead of just edges and patterns?
  11. David, that's what I'm doing, but it seems odd. I'll make it work, thanks. Solver, I don't know what that means? Ruby?
  12. I'm trying to use the Andersen Window catalog, and when I input the dimensions for single casements, the automatic label is the correct Andersen nomenclature. However when I insert a twin casemenf from their library and input the correct dimensions, the nomenclature is not the correct one. I'm confused. Is there a way to fix this issue? E.G. inputting 59.5 inches wide by 47.5 inches tall should generate the label 2640-2, but instead, it generates the label 4640. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.
  13. Is there a way to keep fhe stairs from flaring at the bottom when there is no wall present to butt up against?
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    Hi Solver, thanks. I was looking at the list of hotkeys and Trim isn't there. Thanks again for your help, I just don't know all the places to look. Your help is much appreciated. Hope your weather is better than ours!
  15. BruceKC


    Launch the trim command
  16. BruceKC


    I would like to create a hotkey for Trim, but don't see that possibility. Is there a way to do that?
  17. I've looked on youtube, but is there a short video showing our clients how to use the Client Viewer? Not the 3D Viewer, but the Client viewer? I know it's a simple program, but most of my clients seem to be not so "savvy" with computers. I thought there might be a "how to use" video for the Client Viewer, but theyr'e all for 3D Viewer....even the on that actually says "Client Viewer".
  18. My thanks to everyone for your inisght and help. Still pretty new to Chief but I love it. We initially bought it to do 3D exterior renderings and we planned on keeping Autocad Architecture because we've used it for so many years. But the Chief software, the Chief community (you), and Chief support have been beyond our wildest dreams. Thanks everyone!
  19. Thanks Michael! I'll give that a try!!
  20. I don't know what SPV's are.
  21. Thanks for your help. I have a programmable keyboard that I can input windows commands which will be invaluable in Chief and Autocad, but I don't know what the actual windows command is in Chief for turning a layer on and off. If I knew it, I could just program a key to to enter that command, so much quicker I think.
  22. Is there a keyboard or macro shortcut for toggling roof planes on or off? Is there a way to see what the actual commands are in windows? I know how to turn them on or off in layer display options, just wanting to write a keyboard macro to do it for me in one click.
  23. Am I missing something? It seems that the Client Viewer is no longer useful for 3D unless the client has a PC with an RTX card? Most of my clients don't have that and so the whole concept of letting them see the plan in 3D is not working now. No one that I know of wants to view the plan on their phone or tablet, so are there any other options?
  24. I just saw this, I appreciate your help.