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  1. Hi Steve, this plan was created in x14 and we've been working on it sporadically. But it isn't just this plan, it's all of our plans for the past several years. I noticed online that there has been discussion of this at least since 2019, but I don't see that there was any resolution. Chief support has acknowledged that it's a problem and has sent the issue to the development team. It's very curious, some people have the issue, some do not.
  2. Hi ken, here is the plan. also I noted where the manual dimension I keep trying to add, won't stay where i put it and jumps to a different location. This is all very confusing. 2023-08 MARICOPA 3.plan
  3. Hi, and thanks for the input. However my question is that while I have that line at the end of the arrows in the upper left of the drawing and the arrows go to the center of the wall, why don't the arrows at the bottom of the drawing (which also go to the center of the wall), have that same line? They're all manual dimensions, it's driving me crazy.
  4. I'm not sure why some dimensions show a "line" where the two arrows meet, and others don't? They should ALL show that line, but I'm unaware why this is happening. In the picture I'm attaching, the two dimension arrows in the top left have a line where the arrows meet, and the two arrows in bottom center don't. Very confusing.
  5. For some reason I build a deck with straight deck railing and there is no flooring or joists shown in 3D. I've made sure the room is enclosed, made sure it is a deck and that the framing, deck layers are on, but nothing shows for flooring, just a hole between the rails. There is no lower floor below or a floor above. Never had this happen before. BTW, if this post is showing multiple times, it's because for some reason the website is not showing it as being posted, so I keep trying.
  6. Thanks Glenn, I'll give that a try!
  7. On the left side check the plate height or fascia height and make sure it's the same as the roof planes facing you. Lock the roof pitch and then change the fascia height and then rejoin the roof planes. I think that should work.
  8. As a former Autocad Architecture user, we were accustomed to a feature where we could compare two plans side by side and it would highlight the differences. We typically will design a plan for a builder with one type of elevation, and a second plan (almost identical) with a second type of elevation. Of course we finish the first plan in it's entirety before moving on to finish the second one. In almost all cases the plans themselves are nearly identical (exceptions: roof design, windows and doors on front of house, front porch layout/footprint). We would like both plans to have the exact same notes and dimensioning (except where they differ of course), but that is proving difficult. Is there a feature for Chief that would point out the differences? I don't see one, but we're still somewhat new to this.
  9. Thanks, it's just the white wrench, so it's not being used. But I have looked through all the default settings and can't find that layer in use or assigned to anything.
  10. I can't figure out how to delete layers that were obviously imported into the template (by accident) from autocad and are now "default layers" in the template. Can't see them, so can't delete them.
  11. Thanks!! I might try to do that. Have a great week!
  12. Thanks Kevin, I'll check it out.
  13. One of our main clients requires that we send the plans to a structural engineer that will only work with dwg files. Although it's a true pain to do that (because we send all layout sheets, plans, elevations and roof plans to the engineers in the layout format), it is possible to do. Does anyone know if if is easier to do that if we upgraded to Autocad 2023? We use Autocad Architecture 2014 presently and we're pretty sure that once we move to Windows 11, our old Autocad will no longer function. It would be wonderful if every layout sheet in Chief would export to a dwg without loss of images etc., but presently that isn't possible as far as we know.
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    Top View

    I'm not sure how to do that, but I'll investigate, thanks again. :-)
  15. BruceKC

    Top View

    Thank you!!! That works, except the walls below no longer display. Is there a trick to that as well? You've been so helpful several times now, I really appreciate your help, and everyone else in the user groups!
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    Top View

    Does anyone know why we don't have the "top view" in Chief in the later versions? It was great for doing roof plans as it hid roof planes that were below other ones. I wish they would bring that back.
  17. New plan started in x15. It's sporadic so probably not reproducible.
  18. I'm not sure whether this is the place to report an issue with x15, so please direct me elsewhere if needed. In X15, on occasion when I select an object and try to open it, Chief locks up my computer for 10 or 20 seconds and then opens a dozen or more camera views that have never been there before. Once they're all available to delete, I can do that and then open the object, but I have no idea how to keep this from happening. It's weird.
  19. We've used Autocad Architecture for decades and moved about a year and a half ago to CA. We love the program and the support and community, so thanks to everyone for your help. We are now beginning to use the door and window schedules and really like how accurate they are, but we're a bit perplexed as to where to place them. Where do all of you place them in your drawings? Currently we're placing them on the floor plans themselves, but that takes a lot of room. On the other hand, placing them on a Cover Sheet seems a bit awkward as the builder or homeowner would have to traverse several pages back and forth to see which label applies to which window or door. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  20. Thanks everyone, I'm going to explore your suggestions! Kind of surprised that it isn't a wall type.
  21. When I apply board and batten siding as a wall surface, I only get the recessed seams and not the actual raised batten boards. Am I doing something wrong?
  22. Michael, thanks!! I understand now. Again, much appreciated.
  23. Hi Michael, I tried the railing off to the side and then moved it, but it removes the cased opening when I re-position it even though it's marked "No Room Definition". Not sure what you mean by "free-standing symbol". Thanks so much for your help, I really appreciate it.
  24. Is there a way to place a railing in a cased opening on the outside of a house?
  25. Hmm....thanks Joey.......I was afraid that was going to be the answer. We deliver all of our plans (except to the engineer) in pdf format. I know using adobe I can mirror everything beautifully, but that won't give me the reversed plans to send to the engineers. I wish this was an easier process, but honestly, coming from 30+ years in Autocad Architecture, Chief is light-years ahead of them, and the support is the best I've ever seen. So I'll jump in and no complaints. Thanks again Joey.