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  1. Awesome, thanks guys!
  2. Guys, Again I am new to the program, people have told me about 3D warehouse (who use other CAD programs) and I am wondering if these objects work with CA. I noticed that the file type is .skp. Is there away to make these work OR is there a site similar that will work for CA?
  3. Thanks guys, I got it working now.
  4. I am using X7 which could be why the wall break is not accomplishing what I am trying to do.
  5. Team, Good evening, I am trying to figure out how to apply wall paper to one wall in a single room (accent wall) I have created the wall breaks per room but when I apply the material it is covering all walls in the room. I'm sure this is simply, can someone help?
  6. I found out that if I take a screen shot, or turn it into a .jpeg it imports fine. It's only the .PDF that has the issue.
  7. CA just responded and said they were able to reproduce the issue using the same MAC setup I have. They are working on a resolution. I'm running OS X 10.9.4 on a MacBook Pro with the retina display.
  8. I am running OS X It's the retina display version (Macbook pro) but I use dual monitors when in the office.
  9. Thanks for the info. I am using Adobe for my PDF's right now. I just got off the phone with CA and he said no one is having issue but me. ha. He had me take a screen shot of the PDF and uploading it that way. It worked, but it's not the real solution.
  10. Guys, I am new to CA, I have been using the program for a about a month. When I first started using the program I could upload PDF's just fine and resize them to the actually dimension of the floor plan. All of a sudden my PDF's are importing very large, I have to drag the corners to display the whole image and when I do it's so large that it spreads across multiple page breaks. Does anyone have any insight on this? I asked CA support and they have been no help. They had me un-install and reinstall the program and still no luck. I am using x6 on my MAC