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  1. Here is an example of the lines with the same style that are not continuous. It occurs at the 'T' junctions and sometimes the text is cutoff, or another line buts right into the text. Does anyone have a cleaner way of making the line style more seamless at these intersections?
  2. I am trying to figure out how to change the cross section line weight. Shown here is the dialog for a callout with line weight of 50 that only affects the callout but not the cross section line.
  3. Is there any way snapping to the components within a group without ungrouping them? I would like to draw a leader without having to pick all the individual pieces to regroup them afterward.
  4. Thinking that default is here in 'text, callouts and markers', though I am now having trouble matching the cross section line weight. Is there any way to change the cross section line weight? The goal is a callout with a leader .. guess this can be built from individual lines then grouped, but this would lose the leader from following when fine tuning the callout position.
  5. I am trying to adjust the default callout line weight and would like to know where in the defaults I can find this setting.
  6. For some reason the scale of the stock line styles is way beyond the proportions which I am working. My scope tends toward moderate residential buildings in the 1000-2000sf range and the various lines for electrical connections, framing members or plumbing supply have dashes and text that are either too large or not clearly defined within the given lengths. For the time being I have been creating new styles that are copies of those existing but with the all the figures quartered, giving the text a height of 1/32" instead of 1/8", for example. I have even been tempted to have some even further reduced down to a 1/64 which seems to apply even though CA displays the lowest minimum fraction of 1/16". Redefining all the line styles to a reduced size for a scale it would seem CA is designed for has me convinced I am missing a crucial global scale that I can set lower to accomplish all this work in one adjustment. Does anyone else have this problem of the line scales being out of proportion?
  7. how do I change the SPV name?
  8. My work space usually consists of one tab with my set of layouts, then an additional number of SPV tabs that correspond to the individual layout pages. Is there a way to organize these SPV tabs with custom labels?
  9. I am currently working on a plumbing plan for which it would help to make all the supply lines contiguous so that the line style is seamless .. is there a way to connect some of the individual segments into one for this purpose?
  10. Does chief architect provide any kind of hotkey cheat sheet or keyboard map?
  11. Is there a way to rename tabs opened by double clicking layout box windows, to organize one's work space into tabs that clearly show 'electrical,' HVAC,' 'framing,' for example.
  12. however, this is only one example of many occasions I need to change the layer of individual items and micromanage layer organization.
  13. For example when trying to draw an electrical outlet for the furnace in the HVAC SPV, seems I need to turn on the electrical layer when drawing the object, then change the object properties for the outlet to HVAC, then make the electrical layer invisible again to continue working. Is there a way to draw an outlet in the HVAC layer from the start?
  14. I would like to specify that all new objects are drawn to a layer visible in a saved plan view (SPV). For example, drawing a rectangle in a SPV that does not have the "CAD, default" layer visible. If new objects could all be drawn into a specified layer, this would help to organize the plans as they are drawn.