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  1. I would expect to see the foundation and the floor, no? At least that is what I am used to seeing.
  2. Great, so the CAD Detail From View works, but when I ask the camera to Back Clip it doesn't show the floor or the foundation. Please see attached step by step photos and tell me if I am off base. Also, I moved the drawing to X-0 and Y-0, here is a link to the file as I've got it now. and Urs.plan?dl=0 Thanks, Kelly
  3. That didn't work. My assistant started this file and I think she did something screwy. She quit so I can't ask her. It seems to me like there is a setting that is turned to the wrong function.
  4. I did try "all on set" Here is a link to the plan file: and Urs.plan?dl=0 Thank you for your help
  5. So, new, but most likely related issue: here is a sequence of me using the elevation camera, turning on back clip to 30", and then showing the elevation camera again. No walls, no foundation, no roof planes, next to nothing shows up.
  6. Yeah, everything is on. I turned every layer on and still same as the screen shot I sent
  7. Hello, I am having trouble getting the full elevation view to show up in my "CAD detail from view" function. This used to be done easily and essentially the same image from the elevation would show up in a cad detail window. See screen shots of the very minimal image that I am now getting when i perform this function. Any ideas? Thanks, Kelly
  8. 'new default for layout box label' seems like what I am looking for but for some reason that does not show up on my search results ..
  9. I would like to change the default size of the labels for layout boxes. Is this buried in the default settings somewhere?
  10. Okay, thanks for the course of action. When transferring dimensions over, however, they gain an origin marker. I am assuming this is because they have nothing to grab onto in the elevation. Does anyone know how to produce dimensions on the elevations without any extra lines?
  11. I would like to increase the quality of the elevation drawings sent to layout as shown in the first screenshot. The line weights are also not reflective of the object settings, specifically the stone wall selected in the second screenshot. The line weight is set at 18, but the rendering remains producing a line weight of nearly 1 and when printed sometimes does not show at all. When refreshing the rendering in the layout view, the quality of the reproduction varies depending on the zoom level. When zoomed in the detail is greater but the line weights are reduced. Does anyone know how I can tweak my configuration to produce a uniform rendering? Do I need create a CAD detail here for a more static situation?
  12. I would like to modify details on an elevation drawing, specifically to insert a break in the landscaping at the edge of a building so I effect a slope in the land for drainage. I would like to do this quickly and accurately with a snap at the lower corner of the building. I am not sure if this is a possible toggle, but for some reason I can only snap to the gutters. Is there a way to enable snapping for the other components?
  13. actually it looks like the layout page scaling overrides what is chosen for the CAD details .. I am still looking for a way to set the line type scaling.
  14. I take it making separate CAD details for each intended scale is the way one can combine drawings of different scales on one layout?
  15. Where do I adjust the scale of the drawing sheet / is this done after creating a 'CAD Detail from View'?
  16. I have not made a 'CAD Detail from View' -- would this help? I am drawing the details in the plan view 1:1 then sending to layout (⌘ + U) scaling 1" = 1' - 0"
  17. I am currently working on a set of details within my existing plan set file. In this particular detail, I have a short section of line that needs to show as dashed. However, all the line styles (including one I created with smaller dashes as shown on the left side) are too large for the dashes to show up on the 1" = 1'-0" layout space. Attached is a shot of the plan file along with a zoomed shot of the layout where this detail resides (the horizontal line just for testing purposes and is the smallest dash in the core catalog). I would like to know how to approach this problem, if there is a way to adjust the printing scale for individual ports on the layout page, or maybe I need to work in a separate file for the details that might have a different global scale, then attach the pdf from this to the plan set. I am trying to avoid creating new line styles each time I need to adjust the scale, especially because they are getting down to the 64th increments and difficult to discern in the drop down menu (see last attached screen).
  18. Here is an example of the lines with the same style that are not continuous. It occurs at the 'T' junctions and sometimes the text is cutoff, or another line buts right into the text. Does anyone have a cleaner way of making the line style more seamless at these intersections?
  19. I am trying to figure out how to change the cross section line weight. Shown here is the dialog for a callout with line weight of 50 that only affects the callout but not the cross section line.
  20. Is there any way snapping to the components within a group without ungrouping them? I would like to draw a leader without having to pick all the individual pieces to regroup them afterward.
  21. Thinking that default is here in 'text, callouts and markers', though I am now having trouble matching the cross section line weight. Is there any way to change the cross section line weight? The goal is a callout with a leader .. guess this can be built from individual lines then grouped, but this would lose the leader from following when fine tuning the callout position.
  22. I am trying to adjust the default callout line weight and would like to know where in the defaults I can find this setting.