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  1. This is very sad news. I was pointing the SSA advantages to my students when comparing with the other drawing softwares. The lower price was more affordable for young people that start in life. Now that the SSA is not a point anymore what would be the advantage for them to learn another software than the one they studied at school? I think it is important to target young clients since they are still experimenting with new software. Once they made their mind and get used to another software, they won't be as willing to spend time in learn something else. It will be more difficult to convince them to change for Chief Architect. So if the price is not a point anymore, they will stay with what the already know. I hope, no I beg Chief Architect to change their mind and keep the SSA for the new subscriptions. This would keep CA in an advantageous position compare to other drawing software.
  2. Ok. And is there any way to have the material listed for all floors together?
  3. Hi Eric, thank you for the fast reply! Yes, and no. A part of the material is listed in the same line when I open it. But I still have another row with the same material. See the red arrows in scren capture below. Thank again!
  4. Hi everyone! I am trying to find out how to group same materials together in a materials list and calculate the total. Ex: I would like to find the total SF for the wall siding of the whole house. For now I get several lines of the same siding in the list. I surely miss something, I didn't find what I was looking for in the videos or in the forum. Can someone point me the way to do that please. Thanks in advance! Danielle
  5. Ok, I understand better now! Thanks again Mick!
  6. Mick, I set my rendering defaults as yours. But the ones for the Duotone are not the same. I can't find the ambient light in the Duotone settings window. Here is what I have: But anyways, if this setting doesn't have any influence on the other view, it will be ok for me. Thanks again! Danielle
  7. Thank you Mick, your help is really appreciated! I must admit that I didn't pay attention to that cabinet. I miss time these days. This is the kind of details that I fix just before my presentation to the client . I am a beginner with X13. Your camera defaults are much better than mine for sure. The render BPR is really brighter. I will compare my defaults with yours to find the difference. Danielle
  8. Merci CV-reno! You fixed my problem! I am using X13 since a few weeks only and I just realized that the Daytime Backdrop Intensity in the Rendering Technique Options wasn't the same as Sunlight adjustment. I was changing only the first one, not the sunlight. Thank you also for pointing the top wall issue in the kitchen, I didn't notice that. It was coming from an angled room divider between the kitchen ant the dining room. I added a 90 degree angle in the invisible wall and that fixed the ceiling hole. And I lowered the bathroom cabinet! Thanks a lot!
  9. Morin prop 1 x13.rar Hi, Here is the zipped plan file. Thanks for taking time to help me! Danielle
  10. Thank you Mick and Ryan, There was already a foundation, and I added the roof. The render is better now, but there is still a white line on top of the walls and light bleeding around the door. This is more evident with the original image than in the one uploaded here. Danielle
  11. Hi! The first part of my post has been answered, thank you! But I still don't know why there is light bleeding from behind the cabinet and on top of the walls and doors. Can someone tell me how to fix that please? Thanks in advance!
  12. I had to create my textures again from scratch, but it worked. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the answer Dermot. I will try that.
  14. This is what it looks like in a perspective view