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  1. Hi JWH Designs, Yes I would love to connect and talk about your design needs. If you would email me at erika@jjzhomedesign.com we can discuss further about how I can help you. Thanks for reaching out!
  2. Hi Chad! Yes I would love to hear about the project details. If you would like to email me with some more information we can set up a time to chat. Thanks, Erika Cook
  3. Please email me at: erika@jjzhomedesign.com with current file and what you need help with. I then can get you a quote. Thanks for your inquiry!
  4. Attached is my portfolio, I have done modern designs but it's not reflected in my portfolio. If you would like a quote I can get that put together for you. My email address is erika@jjzhomedesign.com ERIKA COOK - PORTFOLIO 2022.pdf
  5. I'm a Chief Architect user of 8+ years, I am offering services. Currently using X13. Please see my attached portfolio and reach out if you need any help! ERIKA COOK - PORTFOLIO 2022.pdf