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  1. Hello, Thank you for reading my topic. I am building my new home and have started by using Home Designer Suite 2015. My plan is pretty complex and quite large as it incorporates not just the bungalow (330sq m) but also 2 detailed gardens, a wood, large covered terrace and terrace garden, large detached garage, various outbuildings and drives. Over the last few days I have found some weird things have been happening. For example; 1) Exterior walls have been appearing next to the original walls without having made any changes to the original wall for many months. The wall is no
  2. OK I see, many thanks. I'll send an email coz I'm in SW France and the time delay would not catch me at my best. Merry Christmas and thanks again,+
  3. I logged into Hometalk then chose User Resources then "Seeking Services, Need help with your project" This seemed like the correct path although it has brought me to Chieftalk.
  4. I've deleted all the furniture and stuff and got the file to a manageable size. I would like to add that I have added some walls just to try to get verandas and in an attempt to get the roofs where we need them. What I'm trying to say it that the earlier architect files may be useful with this plan. I have very little (no) architectural experience. I am trying to pick it up as I go along. That may sound daft but I'm not as green as I sound. My husband is the architectural brains and I'm trying to work on and with the paperwork. Between us we WILL succeed but it just may take longer tha
  5. Ah ! I've had a glass of wine and think I know what you mean ... try this Damn ! Okay that didn't work - the file is 30 meg. Is there a way of compacting or something ? The software I'm using is Homes Designer Suite 2015. At the moment though I think I would prefer the quill. Perhaps another glass of wine ?
  6. Okay, perhaps I exaggerated when I said I was a newbie ? "Chief Plan" ???
  7. Can anyone help ? I have been trying to create a roof using my architects drawings for over a week and I am at the end of my tether. The property is a small old house of 2 levels with an offset gable roof. At the back is a little extension with a sloping roof. This building is attached to a barn on the ground floor only which has 2 extensions. My problems are ... 1. Getting the old house roof to join with the barn roof without reconstructing everything. 2. Covered area at the front which has a smooth run from the barn gable. Sorry if my technology is wrong I am a total newbi