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  1. Not too bad of a pergola/backyard makeover just to show for reference on my sunroom addition per the client's request. Damn I love my 3080 card.
  2. that is is the first thing I did and skipped right over "end profile". thanks man......guess I was looking for rafter tails option.
  3. Fast forward 6 years later! Can we apply custom rafter tails to general framing members? Building one of these puppies now in X13.
  4. Ok so a break at the top. Cool. Guess the sides will be the only thing faked in.
  5. Here it is with p solids. What I don't like is the fact it won't be shown as stud walls in plan view no matter what method is used and those separation lines are bugging me on the elevation view.
  6. Ahhhh I was hoping to avoid that but ok, sounds like a plan to me.
  7. Can we not stretch the grip points on a wall to shape it? I even added a break on both sides and no luck. Trying to achieve the look shown below on a similar home.
  8. Those look a tad larger than simpson H2.5a's. I will research. Very helpful now that I see the squash block.
  9. what type of simpson strapping would be correct?
  10. Thanks guys this has been very helpful.......It has helped me on my last part of the plans and detailing the the exterior wall sections.
  11. I agree on the square cut, you mentioned a good point.
  12. That's a good idea...... the spacer would need to be used for sure.
  13. Is anyone familiar with the sub fascia and fascia material used when I joists are chosen to frame a roof. Below are some screenshots of a cross section and framing overview I did. If 12" i joists are used as shown in my design, then the fascia boards are obviously going to have to be wider. I have a 2x12 sub fascia, but what can be used for the fascia, ripped plywood then paint it? I'm not even 100% positive my lookouts will work at 2x10's. This is a request from the homeowner by the way, I didn't chose this material for rafters.
  14. Arghhhhhh, you just had to bring this up. I literally was just about to use my dell rewards on a new UPS but, of course, I waited too long and they expired and it would have covered 100% of the cost. I was looking at the cyber power UPS.
  15. Will do. Where would you say room dividers should be used?
  16. How do you guys clean up areas where "room divider" walls are used. When I vault the entry you can see how the drywall doesn't match up and a missing gable wall is needed to close off the vaulted ceiling. I circled the areas I used room divider walls below.
  17. ahhhhhhhh, I forgot to do that! Thanks!
  18. What's up you awesome people. Why are my porch slabs not coming in when I build the foundation? They are both checked monolithic. I am thinking this may be something easy so I'm just going to attach screenshots. Porches are built with railing walls.
  19. I have thought about this same thing. Valuable people here 100%. I try and give back when I can without sounding repetitive from other users.
  20. that looks pretty cool, I can do the 3d shape but thought for sure there would be a setting to get this footer auto built.
  21. yes, I have and when I rebuild the fdn it will default to my exterior wall type which is block with brick veneer.