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  1. Good ole rainbow tool....worked great.
  2. I have blend colors with materials checked but it still deletes the texture. Tips?
  3. Worked Great Rob. And the front and rear walls were resolved when "pony wall" came to mind. All is good. Thanks.
  4. Hey guys, here is a new one for me. All ceiling heights in the home are 9' except for the mid wing which is 18'. I need the walls as shown below but the front and rear walls are one entity and the side walls are shooting up as 4" interior. It is almost the opposite of "lower wall type if split by butting roof". Suggestions? I am giving away upvotes left and right for advice.
  5. AHHH, you are very correct chop. I thought I caught that but they should be 7 1/4". Thanks
  6. First, do you guys frame dormer roofs with 2x4's? I have always liked 2x6. Second, when I explode the dormers to make the rafters 2x6 the overall roof thickness never updates except the soffit. Just curious why?
  7. Thanks guys I will give those a try.
  8. This gives me a hard time every time I encounter it. What is the easiest way to fix this? I use the edit wall layer intersection tool but can never get the brick pony wall flush.
  9. Shhhhhh......we aren't supposed to do that haha.
  10. Straight up gangsta...........Tracing over a pic is the way to go for sure then just scale it to what you want!
  11. I just make polyline solids. Its works great for me. I will say I am a lot faster in autocad with all my CAD work to get the 2d shape and then bring that into CA.
  12. Now that is weird.......what is the point of cut and pasting to make it work or even change columns? Oddly it worked. Thanks!
  13. Same. I never use fixture schedules but was wanting to add it to the drawing this time.
  14. Is there a way to arrange these in order (all the fixtures on floor 0 first and so on). I noticed the electrical schedule already does that.
  15. Actually the thought occurred to me. I separated the existing rear porch from the screened porch addition with an invisible wall. I then drew the screened porch with half walls. I checked to see if those were checked to have "footings below wall" in the structure tab and they weren't. Problem solved. Hopes this helps others.
  16. You are correct, I just drew them in manually. I take for granted CA does a lot for ya automatically and when it don't it may be the norm to do it manually. When I rebuild the FDN is still does not come in.
  17. I do not that see that option in the room spec...
  18. This happened a while back and I cannot remember how I resolved this. It's a simple screened porch addition off the back of a home and the "screened porch" is set to mono slab but the existing home is set to stem wall. As you can see it is clearly there but when I got to level 0 fdn plan nothing is there to dimension. When I build the fdn I check "walls with footings" and not mono because the land slopes back to front. Suggestions? And yes, slabs layer is turned on.
  19. That pic was pulled straight from google images when typing in "outriggers". I do agree with you however.
  20. Honestly, I just started calling them outriggers. I have called them lookouts otherwise
  21. This worked great and they stayed orientated like they should.
  22. Every time I mirror them (other jobs) they float out in space. I guess the main question here is can we manually add them like rafters and joists?
  23. I call them both lol and one time I actually called them outlooks but that is a microsoft email server lol ........I autobuilt the roof and no lookouts. First time it has happened. I know, upload the plan file, but I need to get the file smaller first. It is only on one part of the roof. Surely we can manually add these right?
  24. How do you guys manually add outriggers and keep them orientated to the slope?