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  1. Plan file too big. It's cool though, I don't mind carrying on like I have.
  2. Good point guys, i am still having issues even when the garage dbx is set to mono. Atleast I now know I am not missing any certain ways to do this. Garages are square most of the time so drawing a manual slab is easy and probably what I will keep doing. Just wish the brick ledges came in when drawing them manually.
  3. One thing I have found that is always a challenge are homes with different foundations. Take for instance a home on stem walls but the detached garage is on a mono slab. When you build the Fdn for main home and hit stem wall, it builds everything to stem wall including the garage. You hit mono for the garage the whole home is then mono. What is the workaround on this? I have always built the stem walls and then delete the Fdn for the garage and then draw in the mono slab manually. Obviously there has to be a better way chief intended?
  4. all exterior walls are the same in the settings but show like this in plan this fixed in "edit wall layer intersections"?
  5. Watching that video now........I have always overlooked style pallettes.
  6. Thanks guys.......the main problem is when I need to change door types. Material defaults did change all the colors which is cool though.
  7. Why can't we go into defaults and change cabinet colors, door types etc and the already installed ones update all at once? We can do that on wall types but not cabinets? It's time consuming otherwise.
  8. what I would have done too......
  9. Or, just open this and drag and drop the temp. dim icon into the toolbar area.
  10. Is the icon not there or not turned on?
  11. Guys, I am glad you are schooling me on this. When I bought the computer I was part time 3 years ago with residential design and was not NEAR as busy as I am now. Now its my full time job and the projects have poured in more and more since 2019. Your feedback is giving me the info I need.
  12. This update fixed a bug I found with X13! Right clicking in perspective overview on unaligned walls. It wasn't shifting into place like previous releases but now it does.
  13. I agree. What I have been doing is taking old jobs off the pc onto an external hard drive. I leave only what jobs I am currently working on the PC. Storage data tells me one huge space taker is the AMD Radeon updates. I asked a while back if we can delete old update files but got no replies.
  14. Seriously? Wow, I am glad you mentioned this. HP has been decent for me using chief X13. It was flawless X10-X12. Heck, I don't know what will be a good purchase.
  15. Do you know if these can be found in the 3d catalog? I am having no luck.
  16. It's more of the fact that my current PC is 3 years old and I am running out of space. I still crash from time to time on X13 renderings. Besides my son is patiently waiting to get my current setup for his gaming lol.
  17. Yep! Still saying December. Not much black Friday deals I see on Alienware which is no surprise.
  18. Rene, what do you mainly do with 4K stuff? Just better presentations to clients for reno's/new builds?
  19. Interesting......I never knew any of this. I do renderings straight from CA but I know what you mean on the 4K. I haven't ventured into that yet.
  20. I am about to upgrade my system for CA X13. Can anyone explain what the higher gigabytes do for the graphic cards? That is new to me. My sig shows my current setup and I am ready to spend the money on a dell alienware desktop. Any bad experiences with Dell please let me know.