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  1. Latest love the door and window schedules for ordering purposes but framers hate flipping pages or even looking to the right and searching the schedule for door numbers then sizes when they are rolling with the framing. Is there a way to add the door and window schedules but instead of a D10 or a W20 (examples) can the numbers be the door sizes (label) on the floorplan?
  2. Thanks for the input guys. Never a dull moment with these homes.
  3. Agree, I will talk to the builder and see what he thinks. Canted roof eaves is one thing but curved seems a little nutty.
  4. haha....should I upload another profile pic? oooooo yeahhhhhh!
  5. curved roof check box. How have I never seen that lol?
  6. It almost looks as if it's the gutter shape that makes the curved illusion.
  7. So I was sent this as an example someone wants to do on their home. How would you guys tackle the curvature?
  8. Yeah, all of this info is WAY above my pay grade lol. That's some Good Will Hunting type shiznit.
  9. This has been discussed here before but I lost my sq foot calc that comes in below the floorplan. I did a plan check and it is not coming back in. Room label layer is turned on as well. I have ran a plan check in the past on other jobs and it worked then but not this time. Any suggestions?
  10. i have had a few suggestions for other companies on here I am going to look into. They aren't as close but I need better prints.
  11. $12 bucks a sheet here for color. I do it all B/W but their ink settings suck. A black and white rendering can be nice too. Staples proved that when I used them a few years back but they are $3 a sheet for B/W. I average 18 sheets for houseplans for normal sized homes.