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  1. ChiefUserBigRob

    Color settings

    why not change the views to line drawing. done.
  2. ChiefUserBigRob

    Framing Issue

    i had this happen about a month ago. i ended up deleting the framing, was time consuming. every time i rebuilt the wall framing it came back.
  3. ChiefUserBigRob

    auto elevation

    where can we set the auto elevation to pull from the top of slab and not the top of the finished floor thickness? if i have 12' ceilings i want to show 144". not 11'11 5/8".
  4. ChiefUserBigRob

    what are these?

    yeah, i painted the rim joist. that strip looks like a moulding but it isn't.
  5. ChiefUserBigRob

    what are these?

    it won't let me left click. doesn't recognize it.
  6. ChiefUserBigRob

    what are these?

    i built decking for the porch and run the stemwall to the underside of the rimjoist? what are the strips so i can remove them?
  7. ChiefUserBigRob

    What is this design called

    If chief is setup to build this type structure than yes. I was going to cut a recess on the roof and run the wall up. May not be the best way.
  8. ChiefUserBigRob

    What is this design called

    It is chief related. Setting the top fascia height for building a roof is in the program.
  9. ChiefUserBigRob

    What is this design called

    Is this considered a dormer or is the "top fascia height" of the roof just lowered to accomplish this? Its tricky because i had to move the bottom of 2nd floor window to 40" above floor to avoid the 3:12 porch roof from running into it. I tend to make things alot harder than they really are by the way.
  10. ChiefUserBigRob


    plan check worked....learned something new. never knew of plan check
  11. ChiefUserBigRob


    already did and my "show living area label" is already checked
  12. ChiefUserBigRob


    total living area
  13. ChiefUserBigRob


    apparently i turned of the sq footage label. where can i turn it back on at?
  14. ChiefUserBigRob


    i have been lucky since my ssa expired this past december. everytime i need to go to the chief 3d library the materials i need are free. i don't mind paying the $2.99 tho if need be. that's nothing. i will definately upgrade in december.
  15. ChiefUserBigRob


    Cost of doing business i agree. If there arent that many changes in the program to make it better whats the point in my opinion. Just like autocad. You dont need to upgrade for every release. Nothing changes that much. However they rent their software now which has it cons but i need it to keep for certain drafts