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  1. ChiefUserBigRob


    i hear ya guys. the homeowner just doesn't understand the process on his project and is getting very impatient of only two weeks in engineering. this project has been quite the changeup for me to say the least. i hope what i turned into the engineer on friday gets stamped on monday because i fulfilled every request he wanted to see. if he asks more of me the homeowner is going to flip out.
  2. ChiefUserBigRob


    Thanks for the feedack guys. This is the first time i have dealt with an engineer one on one and making his changes myself. Where i used to live no engineering was needed. I actually like my stuff stamped. Takes the responsibility off me.
  3. ChiefUserBigRob


    Yeah, it has gotten real strict where i live. Most clients and builders are happy with my work, but then you have the one every now and then that picks the drawing apart and gives me their live story on what they normally see on plans. Cant win all the time right? In no way am i being sarcastic to those mentioned, every one is different. I just like the easy going ones lol.
  4. ChiefUserBigRob


    No, what i mean is all my clients up front know what i provide, up to the point of it being at an engineering level. The client shops around for their engineer at their cost and once they find one most of them ask for the cad files on the basic plan views and i never hear back for anything else and the client gets them stamped.
  5. ChiefUserBigRob


    For you guys who need an engineer to stamp your work in your state or town. What have your experiences been like? Do they mostly ask for the dwg files if they need to make changes or do they go back and forth with you on what they want you to change or add before they stamp it? Mine has mostly been them asking for the cad files automatically and thats the last i hear from them. This current project has been looked over by an engineer and i am having to do all his work. He has calculated lvls and other members but has had me do all the work. Anyone else dealt with this?
  6. ChiefUserBigRob

    Why can't I delete the Invisible (Room divider) wall?

    greetings from another alabamaian, daphne to be exact. glad your problem was solved.
  7. ChiefUserBigRob


    i call it exterior trim, hides the imperfections at corners. for those who may wonder, polyline solids worked great with a wood material and paint color.
  8. ChiefUserBigRob


    are these trim pieces made by polyline solids? how do you guys make them? i want to add them to my exterior siding walls.
  9. ChiefUserBigRob


    thanks guys it worked!
  10. ChiefUserBigRob


    yes! what is your email address? i will send you a giftcard to the nearest lamborghini dealer near you.
  11. ChiefUserBigRob


    anyone want to take a shot at figuring out what the "x" is in the dining room? obviously an error that i cannot remove nor find the layer to atleast turn it off. plan file attached. ty's_house_-_FURNITURE.plan
  12. ChiefUserBigRob

    Recording walk thru's

    Very true. To me 2d black and white equals an autocad presentation. Why not use chief to its potential. Looking forward to trying the path. I assume you will need some sort of video editor to add to the walk through like music?
  13. ChiefUserBigRob

    Recording walk thru's

    Walk through path, hmmm no wonder mine looks amateur. I need to look that up, thanks chopsaw.
  14. ChiefUserBigRob

    Recording walk thru's How do they get this to walk so smoothly for a walk thru? Zooming in with the wheel does not give that kind of presentation. And i would love to know how to add music to the presentation. That is a great addition to make the vid more professional.
  15. ChiefUserBigRob

    trying something new

    sure didn't. there is it plane sight too lol.