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  1. Bummer, luckily I figured out my roof issue and don't need to load the file now. I even deleted all the unnecessary things to get the file size down and it still stuck around 15MB.
  2. lol, yes sir.........I do my best work with several glasses of merlot.
  3. Hey guys, has the limit always been 14MB plan file size to up load on here? I've never surpassed that limit until now and its a smaller home. Just wondering.
  4. If your PC is old upgrade. Once you purchase one over the requirements to run the program you will be more than happy. Believe me, I used to fight modeling on an old pc. It's worth the upgrade.
  5. I agree, I just like to add that extra kick to the renderings when I send to clients. I will stick with what I already have.
  6. No, sometimes I will throw in one of chief's vehicles from the library as a reference to garage sizes and such but they are kind of boring. Alot of people down here like to shelter their lifted pickups so showing them in the garage helps them visualize the room availability. It's not a big deal really but in today's internet anything is available if you know where to look.
  7. Different question, does anyone use or know of a website other than sketchup free library for these type of symbols?
  8. haha, nope, it was taken in a parked car then background blurred. more up to date. and thanks on the will be used for sure!
  9. Hello! I'm thinking chief doesn't offer these type brackets (in black) in the library since pitches can be different? You guys draw these manually? I like the bolt heads and how it adds detail.
  10. I'm surprised chief hasn't made a fix for this as advanced as the program already is. It seems to be the norm around here lately. Everybody wants soffit lights (which I totally understand) and outlets in the soffits for Christmas lights. I just hate faking things.
  11. Whewww! That what i was doing except manually drawing the symbol and then using the arc command for my electrical connections. If this is the way to go then it wasnt cheating it after all. Thanks.
  12. Hey guys, how do you place your soffit lights and even soffit outlets? I cant get it to accept the symbols.
  13. Dude, this will be a time saver. It will help on my elevations as well, always having to turn on the layers I want it to show and such.