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  1. Hi All, Anyone still using good PDF to DWG converters? Am finding PDF files loading up my Layout file considerably.. But you already know this,.. right?
  2. Hi All, I'm a windows 10 user on my desktop and trying to convert myself to my new MBP - challenging.. I can't get enough speed out of my apple magic mouse to match my Razer Abyssus on my desktop. What do other MBP M2 users out there chase their screen pointer with? And are you happy with the speed?
  3. Thanks Glenn, yes that works !!
  4. Hi Dermot, Got that. Thanks for the assist
  5. Hi All, Trying to adjust a pair of exterior French doors with door larger than the other. I assume the adjustment will be the custom button which is not activated so can't select it. Any thoughts?
  6. Hey Luke, got mine on order! won't be able to comment for a couple of weeks yet. Thought they were being released today ?
  7. Hi There, Didn't think the Macbook pro could do a raytrace. Have just ordered a new Macbook pro 16" with M2 chip and wasn't expecting it to raytrace. Other Macbook pro users out there.. am I correct? or can you raytrace..
  8. Hi Ryan, Yes, agree with that. I noticed that your MB runs on 16GB memory. Happy with that? Was considering 64GB but probably stick with 32GB as a maxed-out option is verrry expensive here in NZ
  9. Thanks HT, I'm actually going to use it as a backup and out of office machine
  10. Thanks HT, Good info there. Weight issue not too important. Was considering going down to a 14 inch to save a bit on cost
  11. Hi All, Will be upgrading my current laptop soon. Going from Surface book 2 to a MacBook Pro 16inch with M2 chip and considering the Max chip. Has anyone recently upgraded to a MacBook Pro? Would be intereted to hear thoughts before committing. Cheers, Andy Smith
  12. Hi All, Is there a way to setthe roof cladding so it overhangs the fascia 50 - 60mm?
  13. Thanks Chopsaw, Eric, Will update my signature now.. Andy
  14. Morning All from sunny New Zealand, I have an issue with text arrows disappearing from detail. Happens when detail is blocked then when exploded arrows disappear! Any thoughts? Am thinking a corrupted file somehow..
  15. Well done Eric. That's the problem. Thanks All !!
  16. Aaarr lads! Appreciate the quick response. Unfortunately, neither working for me. Do I need to set this up somewher?
  17. Hi All, Does anyone know how to access a diameter symbol / character on a text situation? You know - the symbol 0 with a diagonal line across it?
  18. Yep, that fixed it. Thanks for your help guys. Appreciated as always..
  19. Hi Mick, Just went through the scenario again with a new plan and layout, and the same thing happened. Send 1st floor plan to layout. Go back to plan and change to 2nd floor. Send to layout. The 1st floor on the layout changes to 2nd floor. On the layout sheet, went back to the 1st floor plan (now showing 2nd floor), clicked on plan and opened object. in the plan view specification box there is an option to adjust the linked saved plan. Adjust that to none and that opens up the current floor box below for adjustment. adjust to floor 1 and the 1st layout plan goes back to floor 1 and the 2nd layout plan remains at floor 2. It sounds like a long way to make this happen when it used to be automatic on X10, so am now wondering if there's something I missed on the initial setup, or in preferences somewhere...
  20. Sorry All ! Senior moment sorted (duh !) Not telling :-)
  21. Hi All, Just started using X11 and sending floor plans for level 1 and level 2 to same layout sheet, but when in Layout, both floors are of the same level, and when I try changing the level on one layout plan, both change, so can't seem to show 2 floor level plans on 1 layout sheet... I'm obviously having a senior moment, so can someone out there guide me in the right direction ?
  22. Thanks guys, Will relocate post and increase info. Cheers, A
  23. Hi All, Have an additional license for sale - Chief X10, if anyone interested. What's the going rate? Anyone know? Thanks. Andy Smith, Arcadian Design Ltd., New Zealand.