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  1. I have an employee that needed help in converting from ACAD and Rhino to Chief. Joey was able to show the power and speed of Chief by not fighting the program, but going with the flow and using the available tools. The light bulb went on for my young architect and he is adapting extremely well. In addition, I have been using Chief since v.5 and Joey uncovered some "gems" for me as well. Highly recommended!
  2. Hi Annette, Can you explain the format of the meetings? What do you try to discuss and how long do they usually go? Thanks, Bob Riemenschneider Chelsea, Mi
  3. I am getting multiple crashes as well. The best I can tell, it is with plans only that I have brought forward from X6 and before. I will be sending this in to tech support. Bob
  4. Thanks Raul. I got to the NVidia panel, and added Chief...but don't have a clue what the settings should be? Bob
  5. jon, I don't have a custom profile for Chief in my NVidia control panel. Are there settings that need to be adjusted? I'm not sure what it should look like.
  6. No question, I wasn't implying that CA could, only that the strength of Planswift is in the takeoff for estimating, which to a certain degree CA can provide. I don't care for the estimating part of Planswift and we developed our own Excel estimating program in which we use both CA and/or Planswift for the takeoff info.
  7. We often use both Planswift and Chief for takeoff, depending upon the project and what is needed. Planswift is a fully functional digital takeoff plan that records all takeoff information so that it can be saved in report form and graphically using layers that can be color coded, hatched,etc.. These layers can be turned on/off which enables us to see what has been accounted for, or missed. We rarely put Chief plans into Planswift, but often import images/pdf's into Chief (if they can be scaled). This often is done with surveys to generate site takeoff information that is a part of a Chief design project. Certainly Chief is quite limited, but sometimes the most convenient depending upon the project. Bob
  8. This is great info guys. I figured it might have to be something that followed the terrain, didn't think of sidewalks. We're going to give it a go and see what we get. Bob Riemenschneider Chelsea, Mi
  9. We have modeled the terrain for a difficult site. It would be useful to be able to see the terrain data line/curves to better visualize the changes in terrain in render view. Is it possible to do this?
  10. Perry, Can you tell me which one it is? I use them frequently. Thanks