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    From the album: abqjim

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    From the album: abqjim

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    kitchen render

    From the album: abqjim

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    From the album: abqjim

  5. http://www.myscriptfont.com/ Give it a whirl. Make your plans truly unique, Totally free.
  6. When i export to .3ds, I lose textures on materials. Is there a step I am missing?
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    Here is a "donut" donut (2).zip
  8. Once again I would like to remind folks in the Albuquerque area that we are still here
  9. Nope, even with 7 open and running the calibz file tries to launch 6 for me. Any other thoughts?
  10. When I tried to rerun the Calibz file, it tried to open X6. I have not yet changed Associations to X7. I will try that and report if it works
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    From the album: abqjim

    © Jim Lynch

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    From the album: abqjim

  13. They did not import correctly into x7 for me. Any thoughts?
  14. The elevation tool requires that you shoot the elevation from inside a room, but the cross section tool does not have this restriction.
  15. Hi, Create a cross section, draw a polyline box, convert it to a solid at 1/2", apply a material to it. Should work. I am also working in X6, but this has worked for a long while in Chief. Might work for you in HD
  16. waiting for this and for windows RT version ( I suspect i will be waiting for awhile)
  17. It is solved! Thank you all. It was in fact pointed at the wrong card. The Nvidia utility was the key. I love that our community is so helpful!
  18. Thanks for all the input fellows. If I am using the wrong (onboard) video card, how do I change the setting?
  19. No, I didn't. Where should I do that?