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  1. BBoumaConst

    Siding Missing Over Rim Joist

    Thank you!!!
  2. BBoumaConst

    Siding Missing Over Rim Joist

    I'm having trouble getting the siding to show up over the rim joist lately. For some reason it isn't showing on this plan and didn't for a different one a few weeks back, but the last one I drew didn't have any problems. What did I do wrong? Can someone please take a look at my file and help me out? I would really appreciate it! Thanks! Gebhardt.plan
  3. BBoumaConst

    Elevation drawings without sub-grade crap showing

    Ever since I switched over from Soft Plan to Chief Architect 3 years ago, I have been wondering the same thing... It is very annoying and you would think they could at least make it an option some how, like a check box to 'hide foundation below grade'...
  4. BBoumaConst

    X7 Availability For Ssa Users

    Electromen, What did you do to make it show up? Or where did you find it at? Because it's still not showing up for me and our SSA is good through the middle of February... I was even told by one of the Chief Architect Reps at the IBS on the 20th that it would be in my Digital Locker, but it's not... Getting a little irritated. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  5. BBoumaConst

    BBC's Uploads

    Photos uploaded for the purpose of posting them in comments on the forums.