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  1. Getting tired of Chief running slow and getting more clunky by the day.
    Takes 20 seconds to explode a simple CAD block.
    Intel Generation 11 i9
    64GB memory
    Nvidia 3070 Graphics card with all the latest drivers.

  2. Hi Norm, How is your learning curve going? Are you looking for work? I have too much. I'm based in Dunedin but do work for all of NZ. Please let me know, thanks. Cheers, Rick
  3. I see your pain. I thought X12 would make this easier.
  4. I would really like to be able to edit the wall bridging material also. The default is 38mm lumber and in New Zealand the minimum is 45mm lumber, so every wall frame requires manual editing. The facility to specify the number of rows of blocking and the spacing would be great also. Our Building Code requires bridging at 800mm CRS so every frame has a minimum of two rows. It is really a Chief Architect software development issue.
  5. I often do this. There are a couple of ways I do it. 1. Ensure you un-tick all the auto roof framing check boxes so they become manual framing members. OR 2. Make a glass roof plane that will be invisible in 3d views. Rick
  6. Hi I am an X6 user that lives in New Zealand. I could look at doing some work for you. Currently doing design work for the Christchurch earthquake rebuild and have discovered you don't need to be in the same city as the house you are designing, so whats an ocean. Just a thought. I would love to move to the US. Regards Rick Peters