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  1. I have been experiencing computer problems for a while now and today I can’t start up, my screen says “no boot device found”. Took it in for repair and sounds like I will need a new hard drive. My question is 1. Is it worth just replacing the hard drive (and/or possible) or 2. Should I just replace my whole system and does anyone have a recommended company that could build me a new system, what are the latest components you recommend? It’s going to be a long week! Ugh.
  2. Well, is there a way to cut an accurate section w/o turning on and renaming all the framing layers and turning off and renaming all the millwork, etc? What about CMU foundation walls that show up behind a concrete slab? I can mask over most of this stuff w/ filled polylines or export to auto cad and clean it up, but it is already drawn and you think there would be an easier way w/o wasting valuable time. In the attached section I have created the roof w/ 2x12 rafters but they show at 15" and I'm not even sure what I'm looking at, Uggh! 18-018 Detached Garage.plan
  3. Does anyone know of a way to control what is or is not shown in a Cross Section/Elevation and/or in Backflipped Cross Section views? In Cross Section/Elevation everything is shown, almost like an x-ray view and in Backflipped Cross Section items beyond don't show. Anyway to control this? I'm trying to generate a true cross section that shows only items you are cutting through and items you would see beyond (not what is behind the cut line, like the pedestrian door inside the wall I that I am not cutting through). I've attached a plan w/ a Cross Section/Elevation (on the right hand side) and Backflipped Cross Section (left hand side). Thx, Billy 18-018 Detached Garage.plan
  4. Chopsaw - Yes I can generate perspective Standard render view (the only view I can generate from plan view) but from the Standard render view I'm able to change it vector. Just a guess, but do you (or anyone else) think it could be related to the Flemish brick pattern I created on the exterior brick areas?
  5. Chopsaw - Thanks for looking in to it, my card has 4095 MB
  6. Javatom - I've tried to fill window (F6) to no no avail. Most of the time (90%) I try to generate the views it does not work, just blank white screen, other times it generates w/ no problems. It will also seem to happen if I try to undo a command... Ughh
  7. It seems to me that it is zoomed in way to much, sometimes I'll just see a line that I cant seem to zoom out of.
  8. My graphics card is a AMD FirePrp v5900 (FireGL V), I dont seem to have this problem w/ any other files.
  9. I am not sure what is happening but I am guessing this file might be corrupt, but wanted to see if anyone has had a similar problem. Sometimes I can't seem to generate orthographic full overview or any exterior elevations. I am able to generate perspective full overview and than able to select vector view from that. Also a lot of times Chief will generate a fatal error "Serious error occurred (SEH)" and crash. Anyone want to give it a shot? File is attached. Thanks, Billy 17-287 Smith.plan
  10. Is there any con's (or pro's) to using save as to start new plans that are of similar designs? Should I instead be saving different design styles as a template and start each file using the template (i.e. Craftsman, Colonial, Contemporary)?
  11. Thanks for the help guys, it turned out to be my roller ball mouse. I switched mice and it worked fine. Kind of odd it was working fine for almost a year and that it only malfunctions in Chief.
  12. Has anyone experienced their cursor not functioning properly? Things like jumping around, not allowing crossing windows and/or not able to select anything, brings up dbx on 1 click. I'm wondering if I have a corrupt file, I have tried opening other files but the same things are happening. I'm posting my plan if anyone would like to see if the same things are happening for them. Any help would be appreciated! 18-012_Jeffery_Minor_II.plan
  13. Does anyone know how to draw a wall that follows the angle of my stairs and has a stair railing that sits on top (also angled w/ stairs)? I've attached a crude sketch. ANGLED WALL & STAIRS.pdf
  14. Does anyone know of a way to copy/replicate around a round object? (i.e brick surround around a gable vent or maybe an arch top window w/ a brick soldier course head detail) The only way I can create it is to draw a cad line then copy and place manually then rotate it to be perpendicular along the round or arched shape, Super tedious!
  15. Woo hoo it worked! I still don't understand what re-installing printer drivers has to do w/ printing to PDF but at this hour on a Friday I won't try anymore to understand :0. Thanks again Kbird1!
  16. Yes, its only in CA. I can print from all my other software. I did send it tech support, but I'll try clearing the printer info. Thanks, and I'll let you know!
  17. Yes - I always print to PDF but before I can even open the print dbx it crashes.
  18. I'm trying to figure out why Chief Architect keeps crashing every time I try to print? Any Chief file I try to print, no matter if it's a plan or layout. Plan is attached 17-203_Walker_Residence_II.plan
  19. Hello - Just came across this from awhile back. I'm in Williamsburg, been using chief for the past 5 years or so. All self taught using on-line tutorials and w/ the threads in ChiefTalk. Just let me know if I can help you w/ anything. Usually I just ask my question / problem under the Help pull down, and go to ChiefTalk and post in the General Q & A under Discussions or I just Goggle it which believe it or not will usually get you where you need to go a little quicker. Billy