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  1. Anyone else having trouble rebuilding framing? Every time I try, I'm crashing.
  2. Yeah, I downloaded the 526.98 Navidia driver, and then was able to copy the changes from the corrupted file and paste them into a backup file, so far so good! At least I didn't have re-draw everything.
  3. Researching this, I came across another user w/ the same problem. Seems I need to download an old version driver from November 526.98. Fingers crossed
  4. How can I find the November driver 526.98? I only see the latest one 528.02 on the Nvidia website.
  5. Does anyone know what would cause this? If I try to revert to a backup file it created the same error. I tried to debug to no avail, is there another way to debug and/or uncorrupt the file?
  6. I reset it to the defaults and it showed up... Kinda strange, where was it? Thanks, Mick!
  7. When I try to import a DWG file, I can't see my DBX, any clues where it might be?
  8. What's the deal w/ wrapping stairs, and why can't I ever get them to miter???
  9. Yeah, I include the detail w/ my plans and I include the headers in my schedules, but when there is a portal frame needed I will just mask over the header in the schedule w/ text and the proper length needed... I was hoping someone had a better get around though.
  10. So, I'm sure most of you are familiar w/ this detail, but how can I get CA to frame the header properly and not just for the size of the opening? Figure R602.10.6.4 - CS-PF.pdf
  11. Is there a way to lock what floor is displayed in the reference display? My referenced display always seems to default to the same current floor I'm on (i.e. 1st floor open w/ 1st floor referenced on top of it). I know how to change it, but happens every time I leave the plan view and come back to it, causing me to manually change it every time. I don't remember the previous versions doing this, is there a way to just lock show the desired referenced plan so that is what it shown every time until I manually change it?
  12. I can't seem to find how to change the dimension tool default to another choice besides the "manual dimension" setting? Probably just me, but I tend to use the "tape measure" a lot more than the others.
  13. Yeah Doug, that's exactly what I meant, I know what it needs to do, just can't figure out how to draw it. I'll probably just cover it w/ a note also. I've attached a screen shot, between the gable (8:12 pitch sloping towards the left) and the shed roof (3:12 pitch sloping towards the rear), Is where I need the cricket.
  14. Does anyone know if it's possible (and how) to slope a roof plane in 2 directions? I need a cricket that slopes toward the left and towards the rear.
  15. Yeah, I've been playing around w/ the background w/ the new version, so I actually had quite a few layers I had to change. Now I know!
  16. Dang... I knew it had to be a setting somewhere, didn't even notice that. Thanks Dermot!
  17. I just noticed the same thing is happening w/ my door casing trim, door shows fine, but no casing in plan view only, shows up in all other views and prints fine same as the windows
  18. Ryan - The foundation walls layer is turned on (my CMU fill was not), but it is happening on all the floors, 1st floor and attic level
  19. I can see them in the referenced floors and they will print, just won't show up in the plan
  20. Yeah Robert, I'm not sure what is going on. If I open my plan or the one I attached they don't show up.
  21. I'm not sure why my windows won't show up plan view. I can click on the openings and they show up in the dialogue box and also in camera views, so I know they are in there, just can't see them. 1502294526_21-012CrownResidence.plan
  22. "Just Install Chief On the new Computer and then use Your Digital Locker to "make available" ( deactivates old computer license) and then enter your Code ( available in the Digital locker ) on the new Computer to activate it." Mick - I can deactivate it (and reactivate it) but there is nothing in my digital locker, do you think this is a technical issue?
  23. I'm confussed on how to tranfer my license to a new computer, I have always had my files on an external hard drive, is this something I shouldn't do? My saved backups are saved on to my hard drive, which I eventually move to my external hardrive. To transfer my license do I need to use Backup Entire Plan tool to save ALL of my files? or should I move my saved files from my external drive to my hard drive to avoid any file coruption and/or data loss and be able to contiue working on my projects? "Do note that plan and layout files that were designed and saved on one computer will need to be transferred to the secondary computer if you'd like to continue working on them. Consider utilizing the Backup Entire Plan/Project tool prior to transferring Chief Architect files between computers.""It's also important to remember to only work on plan and layout files that are saved on your local machine's hard drive. Working on files over a network server, external hard drive, cloud storage service, or USB flash drive type device is not recommended, as file corruption and data loss can occur."