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  1. Weird. This file initially caused the program to go haywire and it tried to download a file that I had archived. It then froze and I had to force close the program. I restarted chief and the file opened normally, but the shutters showed as in the picture I attached.
  2. I opened the attached plan in x15 and it doesn't show arched shutters. I am also unable to make them arched in the way described.
  3. It is a great laptop. I just set it to quiet mode and it handles chief architect x15 and twinmotion at the same time.
  4. You can turn off the window casings and then create a pass-thru opening for the exterior casing and shutters. I would initially create the pass-thru next to the windows and then center the pass-thru with the two windows. The shutters will match the arch of the pass-thru.
  5. I opened your file in x15 and the opening indicators are showing on the full height cabinet doors.
  6. I don't usually export to 3ds file format. Just curious what further control of objects 3ds format offers? I will oftentimes assign an object a unique material name if I need further control over an object's material.
  7. If you are exporting to twinmotion, you need to toggle on "two sided" for the gutter material. Or in Chief you can create a 3d gutter and then export.
  8. FYI, chief is freezing and I am getting fatal errors after updating to nvidia driver 531.18. I am rolling back the driver now.
  9. If you hold ctrl while moving your mouse wheel in the 'filter results' window the thumbnails can be resized.
  10. You may be reading more into my statement than what I am saying. There may be a Chief Architect user on a Revit forum somewhere offering a video demonstration of why Chief Architect may be a better fit for them. I don't know if Revit would be a better fit more me or not, which is why I would like to investigate and see a demonstration. I have also watched some tutorials for Archicad, and it has a number of features that interest me.
  11. I would be interested in this. Autodesk has competitive pricing in international markets. Here in Mexico, everything from architectural services, labor, and materials are cheaper, and Autodesk has priced their software here accordingly. Not all of us have confidence in the future of SSA, and if a Revit full version subscription comes in cheaper for me than a Chief Architect subscription, it's at the very least worth investigating.
  12. I have been researching other design software and this is the pricing I have come up with so far. Revit LT $45.35/mo $347.68/year $992.67/3 years Revit $236.68/mo $1878.34/year $5352.91/3 years Archicad Solo Subscription $118.44/mo Archicad Subscription $237.89/mo Also, by comparison, this is the most expensive design package listed on Autodesk's website. Autodesk Architecture, Engineering, & Construction Collection $2,303/year includes Revit, Civil 3d, AutoCAD, InfraWorks, Navisworks Manage. I am outside of the United States, so these prices are converted to USD and your prices may vary.
  13. This is an analogy putting me in place of Chief Architect, and my clients in the place of Chief Architect's users. If you notice I said that I would never send such a message to my clients. But I do agree that any business increasing fees by such an amount needs to look at their business model.