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  1. Yeah I hate to say it that wasone of the things I tried first.... I evene tried it in the middle of the steps and even on the otherside of the stairs..... I has to be something to do with the balcony and rail somehow?? Im baffled Aaron
  2. OK so I redrew the stairs and rail still to no avail. I adjusted the top balcony rail no luck. when I recreated the stair rail i did so from the main floor which I drew the stairs on and had floor reference turned on so i made sure everything was aligned And yes the "follow"stair was checked, the stiar is one piece so there isnt another section that I could click on?? Its so wierd cause I've never had this happen before you can seen the new screen shots.. Aaron thanks in advance for your help!
  3. threeutes

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    Furniture created using everything from polyline solid to parts of cabinets and everything in between
  4. So, I created a curved set of stairs up to the second floor, no prob. Customer wants cable railing. OK no prob, removed existing railings, went to plan view, drew curved railing to follow inside curve of stair. changed railing to PANEL, then selected PANEL TYPE, then clicked on follow stairs. It worked great up until about 3/4's of the way and it dropped right back to the main floor??? help!