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  1. The engineer I use is in Maine but licensed in many states, including CT. Great to work with. He is doing a duplex for me in NH and has not requested or been required to perform any site visits. Are they requiring special inspections? Geotechinal engineering? PM I can give you his contact info.
  2. Hi, running X9 on a ASUS Windows 10 laptop with two additional external monitors. Been working great until all of a sudden when I go to use drop down menus in the upper left the center monitor splits the image between itself and my laptop monitor. Makes it incredibly difficult to get to further sub menus, etc. I have attached a full screen shot plus a iphone pic of the issue. All my drivers are up to date, I have rebooted, etc etc. Anyone have any insight? Thanks
  3. Thank you! Didn't even know I had messed with the wall height!
  4. So trying to do a quick and dirty concept drawing of an apartment building and when I do an elevation view of it I get some random lines that are very distracting. I have tried shutting off a ton of layers, checking room heights, etc. I am stumped. Would anyone be able to offer any insight? KEENE CRIBS PLANS.plan
  5. It is a room. It is the little bumpout off the kitchen on floor 1 thank you! megson-dudley start.plan megson-dudley start.plan
  6. Cant seem to get the exterior of my boxed window to raise to the appropriate height. The interior is correct but Chief keeps building exterior wall down to floor level. I know I am missing something simple (as always!). Any help would be great!
  7. So, I have a live section view that appears normal in plan and layout but when I print it things jump out of alignment. It had been printing fine, then all of a sudden this started happening. I cant figure this out. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. Yeah, drawing is far from complete. The grey fill is what I use to indicate wall or roof cavities filled with spray foam. Thanks for your input on this, very much appreciated.
  9. Yeah, I should have mentioned I turned the Line Style squiggle effects off for the post so as to not make it confusing. The problem of the shifted fill happens regardless of what I do to the nested options within that style.
  10. I like to use Line Style during the early schematic phase to have control over the hand drawn appearance.
  11. Sorry I uploaded the wrong file! Should be correct now.
  12. Also just realized it is also making what looks like multiple copies of the stair and floor system. It look perfectly fine in plan and layout.
  13. My cross section views are using the Line Drawing technique, live view. Everything looks good in plan and layout but when I print to PDF my CAD solid fill boxes jump all over the place. It happens if I leave the drawing DBX to default or not. Really frustrating the heck out me! Edited PDF to highlight area where solid fill is not where it is in plan and layout. SHEA PROBLEM.pdf
  14. What is the problem with having it as an option? I always prefer to have the option to turn something off than have no option at all. Plus for my high end projects I use a custom cabinet maker who supplies the whole kitchen turn-key, including the counter. It would be way easier for me, and they prefer it that way. Like I said, to at least have the control would be nice. I suppose Ill survive, though.
  15. If it kept the cabinet as a standard cabinet and let us choose to label the dishwasher as a nested item within the cabinet. That way the schedule would show a cabinet that could then be noted as counter top only, etc.
  16. Yes, but if we could get control of it we could then note it in the schedule as such. Oh, well, no biggie. Thank you for your help!
  17. No, once its in there it cant be selected.
  18. Oh, ok. Thank you. So I need to make note of that so the correct amount of counter top gets created. Why cant we keep the cabinet in the schedule and suppress the dishwasher label?
  19. How does one suppress the label on this dishwasher? Once its in a cabinet I cant select it check the Suppress Label option.
  20. I like quick solutions! Thank you sir!
  21. So there is a tread buried in the floor?