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  1. I am looking for a CT licensed structural engineer to review my Chief Architect plans for a new construction residential duplex that will be located in Bethlehem, CT (see rough draft). If you are interested please send me a personal message with your rates.
  2. I am a new CA Premier X12 user and would like someone to review my plan & layout files for a new construction residential duplex that will be located in Bethlehem, CT (see rough draft). I am looking for feedback regarding my use of Chief Architect as well as any architectural, structural/engineering and/or building feedback such as: changes to make the CA plan more efficient, reusable, maintainable, etc. changes needed to meet code requirements changes that can save money or be more cost effective to build changes that might be more aesthetically pleasing to
  3. If you are referring to using the "Delete Surface" tool, I am not...I mentioned that it is much easier to select all of the walls in plan view and simply change their material to "Opening (no material)". If you are saying that changing the material to "Opening (no material)" is bad, please explain. Yes, rim joist and top & bottom plates...none of which need to be cut if you are just changing the material on the wall as long as the same type of framing continues (see example plan in previous post). They are not simply shown in the detail view...the smaller pieces are
  4. I mentioned "Angled Wall" because that is what it is listed under in the dialog box and the docs (see below), but regardless it is not the corners that are the issue, it is the framing in the middle of the wall (and under it) that is split up when you use different wall types. I see that it changed a little, but I am not sure it changed in the way that you think (i.e. the "California Corner")? There were two U's on the bottom of your 1st screenshot, and two L's at the top...in the 2nd screenshot the U's moved to the left side and the L's moved to the right
  5. Thanks Dermot! I missed that in the guide. Too bad, it looked quite useful (especially in a duplex/triplex when you are often jumping between the same room in each of the units).
  6. Thanks Renerabbitt! For some reason the delete surface tool did work for me in another plan, so I had a look at what it did and noticed that it simply changed the material to "Opening (no material)". I am able to use that approach a lot easier from the plan view by selecting multiple walls and simply change/remove the material to get it to "stick". I am not sure if this adjusts the schedules & material list however, but hopefully? It is the multiple wall type definitions that created all of the problems mentioned above...I thought that was the answer and I created a lot of d
  7. Does anyone know if the Aerial View feature shown in this video was moved, removed or renamed? I can't find it under the View menu.
  8. FYI, I tried using the Wall Material Region tool as well as the Delete Surface tool...neither are perfect, but they help. Wall Material Region - This tool is good for changing the material layers of an existing wall/floor (why not ceiling?), but it is a bit buggy (see points below). I see in this video that you can save the layers for reuse as a symbol, but it is too difficult to draw all of the polylines exactly how you want them if you are trying to cover the entire wall/floor surface (easier to click on the object and have the whole thing selected). So, this is a bit time con
  9. Interesting solution Michael, thank you! It is funny how the word "Material" is used to mean different things in the app. I used the word "Finish" because that is what I see in the Room Specification dialog (Structure tab) where you can define the different layers of "Materials" that make up the floor and ceiling finish structure (very similar to the Wall Type Definition layers). I think of a material as a color/pattern and a (structural/finish) layer as something that has a thickness and other properties (including a material). If you look at the Materials tab of a Room Specification dial
  10. Thanks! I tried that option but it only applies to angled walls.
  11. I agree that "Storage" is not the ideal solution, I have already created a trouble ticket for this issue with support. Balloon framing all three walls fixes the void that I mentioned, but not the top/bottom plates or the floor joist...they are still split up into multiple smaller pieces (see below). I am not sure which option you are referring to...here is what I see:
  12. The plan file is attached to the bottom of the 1st post.
  13. Thanks Mick & Ryan! Changing it to "Storage" and removing the ceiling, ceiling finish and floor finish worked like a charm. I tried "Unfinished" as well, but it appears to have the same issue as "Attic". I will need to open a ticket with support. I don't think it is just lines...I can select each piece of framing and they show up in the framing schedule (see screenshots below). Thanks, balloon through ceiling worked, and I agree...that is how it would be framed. Yes, I rebuilt the framing. This appears to be a bug in that particular view since it shows up in the
  14. I have created a number of different wall types to show proper dimensions (i.e. when one side of the wall is 5/8" Type X and the other side is 1/2" drywall) as well as to calculate the correct material counts and to show the proper information in the schedules. Unfortunately doing that seems to have a down side...it changes the framing as if they were separate walls instead of the same wall with different materials on them. I have seen the following side effects (colors refer to screenshots below): (Green Arrow) In unfinished rooms such as an attic storage space which only has a