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  1. Has anyone figured out how to determine what the drop off rate is for a light from the manufacturer's specification? I have a suspicion that it involves the CBCP value, and if so, what the magic formula is to interpret that? I'm looking at some recessed lights from WAC, any help would be appreciated!
  2. Thanks @CADustin! I appreciate that you guys update these files and take suggestions on new patterns. As for additional tile layouts: Fish Scale. Arabesque shape. Ogee shape. I have no clue how difficult this would be, but different ratios for the existing Chevron pattern would be nice as well as renaming it "Herringbone". An actual chevron with the angled ends that come to a point. Finally, maybe some vertical offset stacking subway options like this...
  3. Hi @CADustin, Using the wood builder file and I'm noticing that the wood grain is oriented incorrectly for the shiplap cut options. Also any chances for some updates on tile layouts in the future?
  4. Thanks for the video, I’ve worked from a few Canvas to Chief scans in the past. Luckily for me they were single room scans for the most part, and one whole house that we didn’t need much detail for. I really liked how you were navigating thru in 3D, what kind of mouse and set up are you using to get such a smooth view? Thanks!
  5. Hello! I am looking for a way to show the callout shape in a door schedule so the label is the same on the plan as the schedule. I know that note schedules will show the callout shape when you select 2D Symbol which is ideally how I'd like it to work, but sadly this does not work for doors. Also, I may need to update my signature, but I am using x13.
  6. @JAB522 Did you ever find a solution for the gap around the edges? I have a trey ceiling situation that I am having trouble with as well and it seems like they could have similar solutions. I've got a trey ceiling in the kitchen area and then a barrel vault ceiling in the hallway behind. The Kitchen trey ceiling appears to be in-line with the edge of a wall in the attached image, but I can't pull the ceiling line to the wall without it disappearing in 3d. It seems like there's a minimum of 1 1/4" between the end of the wall and the trey ceiling line needed for the side walls to appear, anything smaller leaves the side walls open with the gap. Same problem is happening at the barrel vault, which seems to end in the vertical at the surface of the wall. Any solutions would be welcome!!!
  7. The Old Golden Oak in your "RABS FLOORING PACK 1" is what I was using when I asked, although I was able to copy and rotate 90° to get a quick option for moldings. I really need to go back and watch that video where you're making the fall leaf pattern. my PS skills are abysmal at best, but it looks like you found some plug-in's to automate a lot of the effort.
  8. Thanks for all the great resources you've created! Do you happen to have any solid woods that coordinate with these flooring materials you've perfected?
  9. I like to use the Compas app on my iPhone. I hold it up to the edge of the left facing wall of the house and take a quick screenshot. It has the direction I need to rotate my north arrow, as well as my long/lat data. Easy peasy.
  10. Hi @CADustin, Wondering if there are any future updates to the tile builder in the pipeline. I would love to be able to add more colors (more than the 3) and possibly specify the percentages for the colors!
  11. Hi All! I am wondering if there is a way to add hardware to a window like sash locks or casement cranks. I did not see any options in the window specification dialog, but I wonder if I could create something to apply in the treatment tab that would work. Has anyone here experimented with something like that?