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  1. Thank you! I think I will go with the first way you and shaneK did it, but I really like what you did with my entrance! Thank you!!!
  2. Can I ask, how you did that with the roof though, I'm still a newbie to this and I couldn't even figure how to do that! I do like the roof that way & I'll probably keep it that way just didn't know if it could have one ridge line across or not.
  3. Thank you that does help a tad but that's not exactly what I'm trying to achieve but what I'm trying to achieve may not be able to do. I'm wanting a connecting double gable in the front, like the picture attached and a single ridge line through the house and garage.
  4. Hm okay, Try this one. Possible_design_2.plan
  5. I've been having issues with auto build roofs. I'm new to this program so be easy on my design but I know I'm doing something wrong. I am trying to build a Gable roof, I have gabled ends but in auto build roofs it wants to hip the roof and create almost a hand raftered roof instead of one with trusses. I want to be able to have one/two ridges where the plan keeps trying to create 3 or more depending on how I move the walls. Possible_design_2.plan
  6. I don't really want to use the ray trace option for everything. I work for a builder and majority of our clients are happy to just see the render, but for instances like Facebook advertising or our website I would like to have a couple really nice ray traces.. But I do understand where your coming from saying they take time, I just didn't figure they would take over an hour. I think I just need to keep adjusting settings. Thank you.
  7. Its a Tad better, I will mess around with that info. Thank you!!
  8. So this is 15 passes with no lighting except for a window in there. This isn't the kitchen I was attempting but this is a random one I tried ray tracing and it seems even when I let it go to 30-100 passes it looks the same the entire time. There's got to be something I'm doing wrong but still cant figure it out.
  9. Thank you that helped a lot! I will try tweaking their properties and switching angles!
  10. Oh yes I have all those, I thought maybe there were extra ones that could be downloaded in the 3d library on chiefarchitect.com Thank you!
  11. Is the metals catalog in the 3D library? Because I'm not finding it in there.
  12. I have tried turning all lights off and reducing sunlight to 8% but it seems especially in kitchens that my stainless steel looks black and shadowed for a long time as well as the countertop stays pretty shadowed.
  13. Following because I'm also in the market for a new computer and it's frustrating waiting an hour for a raytrace.