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  1. I would really like to see this feature improved too.
  2. Very slick! Thanks for sharing!
  3. Thanks Chopsaw - good to know that is there. I have a project coming up where I need one.
  4. Great work-around. Maybe CA will give us barn doors? They are becoming increasingly popular.
  5. I will support this effort - thank you for initiating this!
  6. Thanks for the additional recommendation of these resources. I could be wrong - but I believe CA may view these resources as ambassadors for their product, and not as competitors?
  7. Hi David - I looked up your website- I may take you up on your offer!
  8. Thanks Lew - I agree that this forum is a huge learning asset.
  9. Thanks RodCole. This is my website: www.TheRedCottage.com I do residential. A lot of higher end work. I have a huge investment in REVIT, it just is not progressive in Residential. I will look at Terry's website. Thanks again!
  10. I will look at this some more. I have come across a couple of his tutorials, just googling things.
  11. I think I will do this, $100 seems fair.
  12. Thanks for the practical advice to increase retention and understanding!
  13. Thanks Alaskan_Son, I agree with your sentiments. I do not want to 'spam' this forum with new person questions. Thus far, I have done extensive research before posting questions. I am interested in the training. Would a trainer work with me on a real project, thereby helping to defer cost? Is that the best/recommended method? Thanks again
  14. I am transitioning from REVIT to CA. If you had a new guy starting in your office - and you wanted to get him up to speed quickly, what advice would you give him? For example: 1) You need to watch this series of videos??? 2) You need to subscribe/buy these libraries??? thanks in advance for the advice! Brian
  15. Thank you Gene Davis, for a thorough explanation along with the fine screen shots. I will implement this today. When I was researching CA, (after many years with REVIT - which I am still tied to because of 100's of completed projects) it was the active user forum that made me willing to venture into this new software. What a great community here! Thanks again
  16. I agree - it is definitely best to have everything live/accurate in 3D. As soon as you start 'fixing' things in 2d CAD, your chance for errors, and the need for redundant work increases. This goes back to my original post: if my wall looks / works correctly in 3D, it seems that I should be able to have a foundation plan that accurately conveys the brick ledge. It sounds like I need to make a brick ledge deeper than 8" to show up properly on the foundation plan? If that is so - I have lost accuracy in my 3D model.
  17. Thanks Joe. Wow - that seems like such a basic drawing need. Wouldn't we always want to show a dashed line to signify openings in our floor plans?
  18. I searched Macros - and I am contacting Joe Carrick to purchase macros from him. HOWEVER - I have not figured out how that will assist me with my main goal: How can I get the headers to show on doorways, without having headers show on every door? THANKS in ADVANCE!
  19. Excellent! Those are both fast options. Thanks again!
  20. Thanks SNestor! I was starting to experiment with that. So, in your cross section, even when you 'auto detail', you have an undesirable horizontal line where the pony wall from the foundation meets the veneer from the first floor framing wall. May I ask: How do you handle that? Thanks again!
  21. Thanks! My brick ledge is where I want it for now. 8". The 'pony wall' above has the brick extending down 8", therefore it looks good in elevation & section. I guess I just neeed to figure out how to change the material of the ledge. I will work in it some more. Thanks again!
  22. Thanks - I will learn about macros - I appreciate the fast response!