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  1. As a new person.. I am having a couple more snags: DOOR OPENINGS: I want to show the dotted line for door openings. When I turn the header layer on, of course it turns it on everything, including the standard doors. I only want the header layer turned on for door openings. Is that possible? ROOM LABELS: There are some room labels, like hallways, where I would rather not have the room dimensions shown. Is there a way to turn off the room dimensions in a per situation basis? Thanks! Brian
  2. Hi All! I am doing my first project in Chief, after 25 years almost exclusively with Autodesk (ACAD & REVIT). I am using x9 beta, through the monthly rental program. I have searched the forums, and I cannot find out how to get Chief to show the brick ledge in the foundation wall. It looks right in 3d. (see attached.) I am sure that I am missing something. Thanks!