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  1. woodcraftdesign

    Import .plan to other .plan file

    We use the subdivision method for our plot plans. I draw the lot and the topography as it is before grading. Set the house as symbol from the other plan file. I also use generic symbols from my library to set the "neighbors" houses. This is a good way to communicate sidelines.
  2. woodcraftdesign

    windows, drywall returns with wood sills

    This would seem to be a fairly logical adjustment to the window sill panel. Elevation of sill.... .75" above bottom of window. Maybe it is more complicated because the window frame or no frame is in this location. I did read through the questions and responses from the drywall return window thread that solver suggested. I didn't have any luck with the exterior attachments. I couldnt adjust the location of the exterior attachment. Location was set by exterior casing.
  3. woodcraftdesign

    windows, drywall returns with wood sills

    wow, looks like you guys rode that issue quite a ways. Not a within the window defaults fix. Thanks for the quick response.
  4. woodcraftdesign

    windows, drywall returns with wood sills

    is it possible to create windows with drywall returns and a wood sill. When I create a window I choose these options. 1. no interior casing 2. use interior sill , cap #1, inset 3" extend 0, no apron, no wrap 3. uncheck, "has frame" the sill disappears into the drywall return at the base of the window. pictures below, untitled 1 is an image from my chief of a window I was working on, picture of window with sill is a quick google images search of drywall return with wood sill. My customer wants something like that without the dog-ears and the extension.
  5. woodcraftdesign

    VR Teleport Lines, visible / not visible

    Would the fix be to download an updated build version? Missed the x12 note. Thanks
  6. woodcraftdesign

    VR Teleport Lines, visible / not visible

    Woodcraft is running the X11 Build 21.3.1 1x64 aug 14 2019
  7. woodcraftdesign

    VR Teleport Lines, visible / not visible

    I am using the Oculus Rift S with X11 When I run a rendering in the VR mode, I have teleport lines sometimes. Sometimes they disappear. The hand controls or wands work whether the teleport lines are visible or not. Has anyone had experience with this issue? The wands and VR setup works in other programs no problem. Also I have no complaints with the VR experience within Chief except for this small issue. I expect the customers or first time users) will be confused.
  8. woodcraftdesign

    Cabinet BBQ Grill Issue

    any one have a big green egg for download?
  9. woodcraftdesign

    Adding additional sill plates after the fact?

    The top cord bearing floor truss can be a good tool for lowering the level of access to the home. You can bring grade up to 11.25 inches Below Floor Rough. with a step out of the door of 6" a step off the deck or porch of six inches, you are at grade. But you still have the benefit of trusses for your spans and mechanical.
  10. woodcraftdesign

    Adding additional sill plates after the fact?

    simple fix! like that, Is this multiple sill plate the way you would generate a top cord bearing floor truss? and your fix worked like a charm. no work lost on the project.
  11. I have a concept plan, approved and we are working on a bid set. I realized I set the foundation at creation to having only 1 sill plate. With a top cord bearing floor truss I usually add 2 additional sill plates, this creates a space for the top cord bearing floor truss to use. Is this the best way to do this? My question is, can i add the additional sill plates into this plan without re-drawing the foundation? In the attempt to reduce the file size from 27MB to less than 25, I overshot and ended up at 3 MB, I think the majority of the plan is still intact. Tips and tricks appreciated. SD lake house concept plan reduced file size.plan
  12. woodcraftdesign

    Sill Plate Materila

    found it, just needed to dig a bit more. foundation wall...
  13. woodcraftdesign

    Sill Plate Materila

    where can I specify multiple sill plates. I would like to use a op cord bearing floor truss.
  14. woodcraftdesign

    3D scanning measurements

    I assume chief is on board with getting this technology integrated in the future. Our turnkey projects, kitchens, bathrooms, basement finishes for interior renovation would be a great application for this tech. Looks like google is driving this towards sketchup. I wonder how fast this would be to scan an entire un-finished basement. Would it be faster to just measure? If anyone is using this and integrating with Chief we would appreciate hearing about it.