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  1. Running into this myself on X13. The rotate handle disappears when you select multiple copy while in elevation.
  2. Thank you all it was just the wall intersections!
  3. Hello all, brand new to Chief, long time Softplan User. Does anyone know of a way or what I'm doing wrong to get the top of the wall on gable ends where it meets the soffit to clean up all the way?
  4. So I figured out it’s something on my template file, I have a suspicion it is something to do with my foundation settings. It works just fine if I just use a fresh new plan file instead of my template. On my phone at the moment but will upload a plan file in the morning if I still can’t figure out what it is exactly. Thanks for the help!
  5. Yea that is what I was thinking and can’t seem to find anything that would cause it. Does it on siding walls as well but is only the width of the exterior layer. I messed with the layer intersection tool and it still shows despite everything mitering with that tool. Like you said though it’s just out of the box walls, auto roof/foundation and a quick square house.
  6. Hello everyone. New Chief user here, 15 years on Softplan and trying to convince the office to take the leap. Anyway, has anyone else come across this where it essentially looks like the exterior surface of the walls has a butt joint instead of mitering? These are just the default walls that come with Chief and thought it was maybe the new line drawing on top feature but it also shows in Vector where that isn't an option...