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  1. John, I have had some great success in the past with people like yourself that like to design buildings but cannot do it with CAD. I have used Zoom and screen sharing with a lot of success. If this is something that might interest you, please do not hesitate to contact me. Daniel Middleton md design
  2. What exactly are you looking for? What version do you have for trial?
  3. @pazzfam, we would use AutoCAD as well. As @joey_martin mentioned, do you know what is NOT working. I am willing to take a look at the file if you want to send it to me? Free of charge to just take a look and see what possibly might be the problem. The dwg file that is....
  4. @Seafield, I am not an Architect and I do not live in PEI (I live in BC). What is the size of the Commercial Project? Under a certain square footage and you don't need an Architect. That being said, if you are sure you need one, I cannot help. But, if you are not sure... send me a message and we can talk.
  5. Living in Kelowna, BC. Working with CA for approx. 6 years and still learning the software. I started with Home Designer Pro 2017, made the change to CA Premier X10 and have been upgrading all along on SSA.
  6. Hello all, I am available to do Residential Design on contract, doesn't have to be in Canada. I am currently using X11, willing to work by the hour or a set rate. If you are looking for someone to do contract work, one time or on a constant basis, please drop me a line and see if I can help you out. Dan Middleton MD Design
  7. Hello all, I live in Beautiful British Columbia. I have X10, and am looking to do some side jobs. I do commercial buildings with AutoCAD, but I have a company and do mainly residential design with it. I would love to work more with Chief X10, and am willing to discuss any possible leads.
  8. I believe with the proper cad file, this can be imported directly into Chief X10. I am very interested in seeing how this goes, and as mentioned someone spent some time putting this information in.... it should be in an accessible cad file somewhere.
  9. I am definitely interested. I have X10 and would be willing to discuss further, do you have a price in mind per house? I can be reached at
  10. I have Pro 2017, 2018. I also have X8, X9 and X10. I have done quite a number of house drawing in AutoCAD and then transfered them into Chief. I can help, with reasonable price too (depends on the intricacy of the design).
  11. I have been designing and drafting Residential and Commercial buildings for 20 years. I am available to do drafting for any size project. I am fully versed in AutoCAD (started with AutoCAD 9 - NOT a windows program) and am fairly new to Chief. I started using Home Designer Pro 2017, 2018 and then found the program was quite a bit different from AutoCAD. Upon review of the Chief Archiect Premier X8, I decided to switch to the more powerful program. I have used X8, X9 and now X10. Would love to have the opportunity to design more houses or buildings using this program. I have drafted well over 100 residential homes. I also have drafted Commercial buildings. I live in British Columbia, and have designed houses for municipalities in BC as well as Alberta and New Brunswick. I am fairly knowledgeable on the BC Building code and its requirements when it comes to residential houses in BC. Municipalities I have worked with include: Calgary, Whistler, Vancouver, Williams Lake, Dawson Creek, Fort St. John, Lake Country, Penticton, Oliver, Osoyoos, Vernon and Moncton NB. I am currently using Chief Architect Premier X10 as well as AutoCAD Architecture 2014. md design Email: Website:
  12. Thank you David, I have played with it many times, but have never quite figured it out. I end up just doing manual dimensioning, however it doesn't always work well.
  13. I am wondering if anyone knows of a program like rescheck for Canada building code? I live in BC, and I add tables with my RSI number on it for different building materials. I created the table in excel and just import it, but there must be a way I can put the RSI values into the program and it can create the table for me similar to a wall assembly table?