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  1. I'm looking for someone to convert about a dozen residential plans into Chief Architect. I have CAD files and PDFs. I'd like to pay a fixed rate rather than by the hour. Reach out to discuss and I can send the plans for your review. Thanks!
  2. Nope, different Saw Mill - Hartford County. Cool coincidence though
  3. I have a house plan I'd like to finish (attached). I have floor plans and elevations near complete. I'd love to work with someone via screen sharing and Skype/google hangouts so I can watch you work and ask questions. I'm willing to pay a premium for the combo educational/chief work; I think per hour would make most sense in case I ask too many questions I'm not looking to learn to design in chief full-time, but rather be proficient enough to work side-by-side with clients and a designer/architect as the home builder. If this goes well I'd love to contract out home designs in the future as well. Thanks! Edit: The project is in Connecticut. House 17 Saw Mill.layout House_17_Saw_Mill.plan