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  1. I can't find it anywhere to add it to my drawing
  2. basement entry. Had it cut in with the foundation and now I need the metal door to go over it.
  3. I am trying to add a metal bulkhead to my plans. Can't seem to be able to add it. Any suggestions on how to do it? Thank you
  4. Is there a place that your suppose to save your files too?
  5. I tried recent files and they were not there.
  6. I completed a full set of drawings printed them out for the fire department, went back in and now I can't find them. I don't know where I saved them too, I just click saved and said ok. I have been searching all day yesterday and no luck. I know this is a shot in the dark but I figured I would ask all of you!
  7. Thank you all!! I followed the steps and were able to do it..
  8. Hello, Where do I draw my Cad details for the house plans. Where exactly in the program do I go onto to be able to write out the Cad details. I want to be able to save the CAD detail to the library for future use? Thank you!
  9. The tables that say we are not responsible for certain things.
  10. Does anyone know a site that I can import disclosure tables for my complete set of house drawings? Thank you
  11. Has anyone got certified through AIBD http://www.aibd.org? From what I can see is gives you a stamp to put on each drawing that would pass for permits. What does anyone know about this and what are your thoughts?
  12. You guys also have your client sign a contract that you have written up?
  13. I know that when I have drawn my own set of house plans to build a house my local lumber supplier would stamp the drawings for me. How much does your licensed structural Engineer charge for each project?
  14. Hello Everyone, I've been doing house plans for one contractor now and I'm looking to get my name out their to get more clients. i am a licences contractor but I am not a licences architect. Is their anyone else running a business making house drawings that's not a architect either? If so what do you say on your business cards and also your website?
  15. Great Thank You that was easy enough!