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  1. crazytrajan

    Tool bar glitch

    Thanks for responding, I tried all of these and it still doesn't show up.
  2. crazytrajan

    Window Shape

    thank you
  3. crazytrajan

    Tool bar glitch

    My toolbar is gone, I cant see it.
  4. crazytrajan

    Window Shape

    How can I make a Chevron shaped window?
  5. crazytrajan

    Framing Joist apearing differant

    Hey guys, I just recently finished a plan and I went to my local print shop. I asked them to print my layout and I came home and I was looking through the pages and I noticed that the framing joist were solid colors completely different from the layout on my computer. Before print: After print: I want the paper copy to be the same as on computer, thank you for any help.
  6. crazytrajan

    Tile on layout

    Is it possible to make tile and laminate show on the final layout? By show I mean like the squares or rectangles on the layout.
  7. crazytrajan

    Company Logos on Layout

  8. crazytrajan

    Company Logos on Layout

    Hey guys, I have been drawing plans for like 5 months now. I was wondering how can I put a company logo on the final layout?
  9. crazytrajan

    Can't Watch Traning Videos?

    I have Premier and it won't let me watch training videos please help.
  10. crazytrajan

    Plz Help 3D Floors Are Hovering

    Like the title says the floors are hovering over each other in 3d veiw
  11. crazytrajan

    3D View

    Well I made my foundation, 1st, 2nd floor then I got to my 3d view just to check it out but for some reason all of the floors are hovering over each other how do I fix this?
  12. crazytrajan

    Ssa What Does That Mean?

    Do I have to renew the program when it expires?
  13. crazytrajan

    Ssa What Does That Mean?

    So what does SSA really do?
  14. crazytrajan

    Ssa What Does That Mean?

    I got the program for Christmas and I was wondering what it ment . when I open Chief architect program this notification appears on the bottom left corner it says "SSA expires on 12\7\2016" What does it mean?