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    Import .plan to other .plan file

    Hey everyone, I have been trying to figure this out and im hoping there is an easy answer that im just missing. I tried a search but nothing seems to be coming up. Im working on a lot that has 2 residential buildings on it. Originally they were separate projects, now the client is wanting to see them side by side because, well just because. Is there a way to import all floors of a .plan file to another .plan file without having to redraw everything? Again, im sorry if this is just something blatantly obvious that im missing but it would save a ton of time.
  2. tcbpremier

    Balcony Issues

    Hmm i check everything out but i cant seem to get it right. I'll take another crack at it and watch a few more tutorials. 18th st floorplan.plan
  3. tcbpremier

    Balcony Issues

    thanks for the reply, yeah this is a very early drawing so there are a few things to fix still. I'll be adding a flat top roof with patio seating area in the cut off corner area. As for the floor structure etc thats where i get completley lost. Im just going with the current default for "balcony" room style. Im trying to upload the plan file but its not letting me. Noob lol
  4. tcbpremier

    Balcony Issues

    hey everyone, i'm fairly new to CA, Im currently working on a residential / commercial complex and am having nothing but issues with the balconies. For some reason the flooring system is just gone when i go and change the room type to "balcony". Any ideas on what might be going on here? Currently using X12