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  1. Look like no one is into this
  2. Hello! I am wondering if anyone out there is involved in any builders groups / round tables that focus on design/build. Thanks!
  3. I was using too many textures in elevation views...
  4. I am running into this. If I select a different icon and then select the one I am using again it works.
  5. Scot, I am in Huntsville, AL. What type of work do you do, i.e. remodeling, new construction? Thanks, Aaron 256-424-3700
  6. I use polyline solids in elevation view for all brick detailing. You will also need to create a texture file for individual bricks (stretch to fit) to have the brick arch look right. I use photoshop to create textures.
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  8. That's it! Thank you, sir! I guess the tool is now called "edit active camera", but when you bring it up it still says "full camera specification". A bit confusing
  9. Looks like the full camera specification tool has disappeared from X12. The only way I have found is to select the camera in floor plan view and open the dialog box from there...
  10. Very helpful thread. I've spent the last few days using X12 and actually added the button back to my toolbar, but now that I understand the new function I like it better. I watched the video on new features and either missed this or it was not included. That makes me wonder if there are other things that have moved or changed that I am not seeing. We used to see a detailed list, does that exist anywhere yet?
  11. Michael, that is the one. What you are showing is an extra click. Not sure why they took the icon away...
  12. Am I missing something, or did the reference display options icon go away in X11 toolbars? I had to go into the reference display layer set to turn off an unwanted layer which seems much less efficient.
  13. Residential Design firm in Huntsville AL in search of a person with CAD drafting experience to fill a full time position. Compensation based on experience with overtime and bonuses possible. Private message or email resume to aaron@oakriverdesign.com
  14. Link is password protected, did I miss the boat on this one?
  15. CA is only compatible with O. Rift and Vive. I bought the O. Rift and, to be honest, was hoping for a better experience. It was a bit too shaky so I called tech support and the guy told be to move the sensors around. That did make it work better, but the overall quality is still less than what I would like my customers to see. It may be an issue on my end to be fair. One cool thing about it is that you are actually moving in the model. The downside to that is that you would need a wireless headset and a huge room to really use it. I was hoping that you could use the controllers to walk through similar to the viewer app controls. All-in-all looking forward to how it works with the full release of X10 and definitely excited about the future of this feature.
  16. Well, I wouldn't say that no one will actually use it, it is still too early to make those predictions. And which users have had an Oculus Rift headset at home aside from those that are into gaming? If it helps me to get my customers excited about my process I'll drop the $400 on a headset...
  17. Nate, Thanks for this post. I don't have a VR headset at the moment, but according to your post the experience seems cool enough to make a purchase. Seeing that this post is over 2 weeks old, do you have any other thoughts about it? Thanks again!
  18. I have a home show coming up that I will be presenting in and I am wondering if it will be worth buying a nice set of VR Goggles to use at the show... Anyone? I searched for a video or more info on CA main site to no avail...
  19. Update: Fixed! Went through and prioritized my pc for X10 and it helped a bit. However, I realized that the model I was working in was originated about 3 versions back. I brought up a model created in X9 and it worked like a charm!