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  1. So I learned this software(somewhat) and designed a house for my family about 6 years ago and the plan is now in motion to build the house. I have since forgot how to do all of the editing of the house and need a few tweaks done as well as the roof properly done since I never was able to understand how to get that part right. I also know that some walls, floors, and stairs were kind of just manipulated to be close enough to look ok in the camera view. So I would like someone that has more experience with the program to kind of go through my drawings and correct the things that need to be corre
  2. Alright I'm sure this is just a basic thing and I am just unable to see it. What is the easiest way to get the height of the house from foundation/ground to top of roof? I have to keep the house under a certain height and I can't seem to find how to measure it.
  3. Ok I found something on the subject searching for "matching properties" when I searched "match properties" it came up with nothing. so I guess the ing makes a difference
  4. Thanks I tried to find something in the help section for match properties or something similar and I couldn't find anything on it and I've watch a bunch of videos and still nothing about that. Do you think you could post a link to a video or help section with that info in it?
  5. Ya Curt it was because I forgot to up that room when trying to up the heights on both floors. That was a simple fix. I'm having a bunch of trouble trying to get the software to do what I need it to do. I think i may have figured out the garage issue but now I messed with the foundation and now the stairs going to the basement wont open up the floor so now have railings sticking though then floor where the opening for the stairs should be.
  6. Thank you David for your time and making that video. What I am trying to do is eliminate the need for stairs to get to the living space above the garage. I need to take the garage floor down roughly 4'. The second floor should all be at the same level but the garage will need stairs to get onto the main level in the house. If that makes sense. I think the issue with the roof over that toilet area was due to the fact that I tried to up the ceiling height on both floors room by room. Is there a way to up ceiling height for the entire floor of the house all in one? The roof looks a lot better
  7. Ok I put it into the original post
  8. Alright, So I am building a house and need 14' ceilings in the garage. I got the outline of the house and interior walls done for the 1st and 2nd floor. I did default setting for everything and now I need to change everything.(first timer doing this design thing) I realized that I needed to change the ceiling height in the garage to 14' instead of the default 9'. I have living space above the garage so every time I up the height it goes into the rooms above. I need to know how to lower the floor of the garage itself to allow for the higher ceilings. I'm thinking this is the same as doing a tri