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  1. Michael's example becomes even more apparent if that wall was a half wall with specific trim caps, etc. Now it is not just changing a wall type. Much more with the click of a button. Bottom line is that Chief has ways of dealing with this type of thing already that people are used to. That is just fine- nothing to change. For those of us that use other software as well, and I am sure there are a lot people like this, this is a valid suggestion that has a lot of merit. We don't just think of things in a solely "Chief" way and I personally think that is just fine. Nothing to change there either.
  2. All the different options given here are helpful to the degree that the tool allows for. The "Match Properties" tool would enable you to do so much more in 3 clicks. You click on the item you want to change, click on the (presently non-existent) match properties icon or hotkey, click on the object that has all of the properties you want and presto- done. So, what does that mean? Well, the properties would be things like linetype, linestyle, layer, color, thickness, layer and annoset settings, etc. The beauty of this tool is how many things you can change so quickly. It would be a nice addition to Chief. (that plus a "stretch" command)
  3. Just curious as to why that is for you? How long have you been using Softplan? How is the transition to Chief going so far?
  4. Dropbox also has an added feature, for a price, that allows any file that has been deleted to be restored. This was developed because people were "accidently" deleting files and then realizing it was their only copy. I can't remember what this added feature is called but it might be solution for you.
  5. Yes, Dropbox would work that quickly. That is one of the real benefits of using it. It is almost surprising at times.
  6. You asked about transferring files between Softplan and Chief. You received the answer. If you want to explore intermediary programs that is a very different question. How about you do the looking for your own question as to what Chief imports and exports? Not difficult.
  7. The only way is to export/ import either .dwg or .dxf. Softplan and Chief do not speak the same language.
  8. Feeling a little grumpy today Andy?
  9. OK Joe, I'm going to chime in here on this one. I have been using Softplan off and on for about 9 years now. A lot this past year or so with v2014. It is a very good program that does a lot of things quite well. The learning curve isn't as steep as Chief's is but that is simply because Chief gives you, the user, so many more ways of doing whatever you want to do. With Softplan there are a lot of areas where you have just the one way of doing it. There have been so many times I wanted to do something in particular and Softplan's tech support just tells you "that isn't the way the program works so you can't do that"! Not a good thing. There are two main things that, in my mind, make Chief stand out way above Softplan. First is the customer support. Softplan really has a belligerent "take it or leave it" kind of attitude. Doesn't sit well with me at all. The second way that Chief is sooooooo much better is the amount of training available. Many options as noted above plus the shear number of videos SSA provides. Softplan, IF you have Softplan Plus, has a series of videos that will show you the basics, kind of, and allude to so much more but there is no training or videos that show how to do it! Even their most advanced videos are not really advanced! In a nutshell the learning opportunities and materials for using Chief are so far beyond everything that is available for Softplan. You really do have to teach yourself how to do so much in that program and it just takes a lot of time. If you excel at that type of thing then it might be the better way to go for you. As for me I am coming back to Chief and relearning it because I really do believe it is a more capable program. It takes time though. Oh, and one last thing- it seems a lot of people have this notion that while Chief is better at the 3D stuff Softplan does a better job with construction documents. That is just a bunch of BS. Both programs are quite capable of putting out a quality set of construction documents but it will only be as good as the user is. Hope this helps!
  10. There are a lot of you-tube videos available for free. , etc.
  11. Did you look in your digital locker as that is where it will be?
  12. Interiors and Home Designer are different products. He is in the right place here for his question.
  13. That can be very true however there are times when an ignorant suggestion of "how to" can spark the beginning of a solution as well. It really can work both ways. Since the feature hasn't been developed yet I can only surmise that either it isn't high on the priority list or they are still trying to figure out the how part. Either way it would be a very nice feature to have!
  14. I don't understand why a wall niche or blank door pass thru is such a difficult thing to program. I'm not a computer programmer though so that would explain it. While I don't like comparing softwares it is sometimes useful. In this case Softplan has figured out how to give you the ability to insert, cutting the hole in the wall, a niche of any size you want, set it however high off the floor, radius the top and/ or put trim around it. Same thing with a pass thru opening. If we can put a door into a wall then they know how to have that "thing" cut out the required area. A niche is basically the same "thing" except that it doesn't cut all the way through. Give me a few settings so I can get what I want and its off to the next thing. Chief is a very smart program thanks to a whole lot of very intelligent people. I'm sure they'll figure something out since these things are basic construction options. As I said though, I'm not a programmer so what do I know!