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  1. Hi Glenn, Thanks for the reply. Things changed here after the Jan 4th 2020 Currowan fire and we are just getting back to some kind of normal. The help I need at present is converting old plan files from as far back as X3, Adding some new cladding styles and colorbond roof colours. Check all dimensions and save in X14 . If you know any users that need some cash work please let me know. Cheers Tony.
  2. Hi Glenn, Bushfire rebuilding got in the way. Materials and subbies sure are hard to source these days. Do you still have any spare time? Cheers.
  3. If there are any Chief users out there in OZ or NZ who have a bit of time to help complete a few projects your help would be appreciated. The bushfires of Jan 2020 destroyed much of the infrastructure on our property and I am having trouble balancing client design needs and family priorities. Please drop me a line if you can help. Cheers Tony
  4. I am very late to this post but would really appreciate a symbol for a commercial Barista coffee making machine. The big wide ones capable of making 3 cups at a time. Often Italian, always in polished stainless steel. Cheers Tony Marshall