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  1. This is not working correctly even according to the Help files. 3D views that are sent as "Plot Lines" to a layout page should not update when the reference plan is changed.
  2. This has been reported. I've figured the issue out but it does need to be fixed. I block things together like a toilet, exhaust/light, and upper cabinet to save time. If I have light fixtures in another room it should not effect the faux generated light in a room with out light fixtures. It does this even as a block or exploded block.
  3. Yeah this is room specific and the light source is not working. But as mentioned it's random. F5 refresh does nothing. Using Rene work around for now until Chief gets this straight. What do you mean by both ambient's? Thanks
  4. Yes for the time being I might do that. 2 maybe 3 lights would do the trick. Thanks!!
  5. During prelim we don't add lights and never an issue. I don't recall it being an issue during testing of X11. Well it's random... Just opened another X10 file it worked fine in one room then went to another and wont work in it. No clue I'll call Chief tomorrow or send it in as a bug. This is not good.
  6. Something with the drawing I guess it wants to work some times and then it doesn't. Here is a living room picture taken with standard view and then I just tried another living room pic and no light source.
  7. X10 did 't do this. It added a light source in the room. BTW just watched and looked over some of your videos. Great work!!! Just opened an old drawing in X10 and X11 standard and PBR both look the same. It must be something in this new drawing that was started in X11.
  8. When I turn shadows on when doing an interior 3D view the image gets dark. The ambient light doesn't work and in Render Technique Options DBX the brightness adjust outside the house not in the room. PBR no shadows. PBR shadows.
  9. Not sure why these are missing and the directory is a folder that doesn't exist.
  10. We are having the same issue with the line weight. Nothing we have done fixes it.We are having the same issue with the line weight. Nothing we have done fixes it.
  11. Yes please report it. This is a must need fix!! When working at home and at office the text gets messed up and if you forget to check or miss it, then all your prints are no good and that is a lot of time and money wasted!!
  12. Yes this has been reported. This is a pain in the ass when working on 6 to 10 plans a day. Was told to update template to X10 hoping this helps some.
  13. We have multiple PC's and are having issues with the text not displaying correctly. All resolutions are set the same. It's random on the text. These are samples of what it's doing. We can open and/or just move the text and it fixes the issue. Any help on this would be great!! Thanks!
  14. Has to be in-between walls....