CA Interiors -dimension to RO gone ?


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Anybody with X6 interiors?

My secondary license is the Interiors version.

Just had a new hire working with it- draw a kitchen that is new construction based on field measurements. Actually the kitchen was drawn- just go in a make it match the existing ROUGH dimensions.


I use a separate dimension default for that than I do for kitchens- locate the wall dimension layer and rough openings. Same one I use for the pdf's sent me by architects.

Two things-

1-pulling dimensions does not locate anything at openings??.


2-??I can't find a setting for rough opening in the door or window DBX. Which I'm guessing is why it won't locate the roughs, even though that is still an option in locate under dimensions.



Please tell me it is somewhere to be found? I'm missing something somewhere? they didn't make it impossible to dimension to RO for the interior version did they? seriously?

she's just learning Chief, and I was in a meeting, became a real fiasco.



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I thought Chief Interiors couldn't even build framing.  Are you saying that they let you dimension to it even though you couldn't build it?  I don't think very many people here are using Interiors so you are probably going to have to call tech support on this one.

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  • Solution

Solved it sort of...just got off with tech support.


Kilgore;yes they do. It was one of the (biggest) advantages it had over 2020.


New construction or an addition- architect sends me a pdf- it is to framing dimensions; or we measure new construction once framing is up but before drywall because they want the kitchen layout for electrical and mechanical. I get info on casings, we put that into the defaults,check the window schedule and use the appropriate RO's

Set up the drawing based on that, switch dimension defaults to use interior surface of wall and casing, hide the layer with the architectural dimensions and do my job (like make sure that the cabinets don't encroach on the casings)


So in x6 I can still tell it to dimension to RO and wall framing. And it does.


The first problem I had was apparently the file I was sent to work on was done in an older version.

I sat down to my assistants computer and did a new plan and got dimensions to snap to RO and to wall dimension layer no problem. That is the good news.


The bad news is that at least from X3 through x5 I could specify how much to add for the RO. That allows me to use the window schedule. That is no longer available.

The RO is set, worst part is it is set at a default to add 1" to each side. Just checked -Anderson is 1/4 and Marvin is 1/2.


Added after- had a thought last night and it worked.

In case anyone else runs into this.

I found another solution for some windows-windows for Pella and Anderson from the mfg catalog use the correct RO- Marvin doesn't guess since the cat is so old.

Haven't found which doors work yet but didn't look that hard- don't see any interior doors so may try creating a door symbol in premier and exporting- if that works I can make a few more for assorted roughs. Will update if that works

Fortunately I upgraded one license to premier so can fudge around it or we can mathlete adjusting every opening so the casings are correct. If I use Premier that now means the initial drawing has to be done on that machine- which I upgrade for doing the final drawings...not happy. The second license becomes a lot less useful.


I do intend to upgrade the other this year but matter of money.

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