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The thing to do is to really learn the software and its tools (You haven't done that yet and that IS the "template" you need as opposed to some wrote format). Read the entire Reference Manual section on Framing and Decks and then practice building decks until your certainty rises to full competence. Once you have done that and are completely confident of your skill and understanding then look at creating template plans. True competence is a skill and attitude that comes from diligent study and practice.



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    • By ChrisWamahiu
      Hello everyone, i have created an automatic hexagonal deck and another custom deck. With automatic framing checked, the framing is not generated apart from planking and railing. What could be the issue? Thank you.
    • By country
      Is there any way to set the defaults so the deck support beam and posts are not stepped back for a cantilever?  I never have a cantilever and usually have a roof over the deck so require supports directly under the roof supports.  This situation comes up on almost every plan I draw.
      I also would like to know if there is a way to frame the deck in at 90 degrees when it is wrapped around a corner.  The program always puts the joist direction the same even when I split the spaces up but maybe I am just not doing something in the correct order.  
    • By capitaldesigns
      I'm new to CA,
      I was following along with the new deck video on CA website. When I do the deck framing it does not frame right.
      In the video it comes out correctly.
      We are adding a deck to a one story raised foundation house. The house is already framed. When I generate the
      deck framing the rim joist of the house is moved back to the inside face of the stem wall. The deck floor joists are
      resting on the sill plate of the house and the house floor joist are now off of the foundation. In the video the house
      rim joist remain where it should be (aligned with the outside face of the stem wall) and the deck floor joist are hanging
      off of the house rim joist.
      Does anyone know how to correct this?
    • By MTL-Homes
      For some reason I suddenly can't select deck framing components ie: beams, posts, joists on my current plan in 2d view to modify them.  Can select them in 3d. Never had this problem before