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Dave, if you were my type I'd kiss ya....that is awesome, thanks so much!


I'm trying to get to the point of using Chief as my only architectural cad software.


I have version 9.5.  I am using X7 at a client's office. 


For other clients I use Sketch-Up for massing models, Chief for 3D renderings for presentations and AutoCAD for CD's ( plans, elevations, sections and details ).


If I can use Chief to do the things I do with Sketch-Up and AutoCAD, I'd be a happy puppy.


I'm an experienced "Intern Architect" - working on licensure.  I do it all in the offices of the client's/architects, builders, I work with, I do the design, the drafting, cad management, consultant coordination, client meetings, some marketing, and just about anything else.


So, getting all the cad under one roof would really be great.


Thanks again.

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I think once you get a handle on the way Chief works, you'll find very little reason to need any other software. Only thing I've found really difficult to create in Chief are free form shapes. Other than that, I personally prefer Chief over Sketchup for primitive modeling. Could Chief improve...sure, but it's a pretty stinkin' capable program.

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While it is true that Chief can do many shapes that one may want. It is also true that Chief's tool set regarding solids is rather limited compared to other more specialized programs. Where this comes into play is if you actually need a particular shape that Chief either does not do at all, or does not do well.

Here is an example of a sign that I made a few months ago for a project. The sign maker provided me the design, but he did not have the ability to provide me with a 3D model. The city planners wanted to see the signage as it would be installed since they were providing partial funding for the project. I was able to find and convert the actual font that was to be used on the sign as 3D text.

I actually find more opportunities all the time to use other applications along with Chief. Maybe some day that will not be necessary, but for now...


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Thanks to all.


Awesome help.


Being an old AutoCAD user, I find that Chief's CAD tools are very hard to use.  And then there is Sketch-Up.  No significant learning curve, easy to use, simplistic yet quite powerful.


As a former CADD Instructor there is nothing like having someone in the same room with you to get nearly immediate one on one training.  Just watching someone go thru the steps and then get to practice that skill with immediate feedback is irreplaceable.


This forum comes darn close, thanks to you all!


ps, if anyone can utilize an experienced Architectural Designer/Drafter, please don't hesitate to write me.

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