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When I choose a new layout I get the info "This file was generated by a pre-release or beta version. If you have problems reading this plan, open and then save it in a release version."


I did select save, but I still get this message every time I start layout, even if it is the first thing I do without a plan loaded. Chief then typically crashes when I start using it and freezes the machine. Last time I rebooted because of this my machine froze just by starting Chief. After this I reinstalled Chief with the repair option, and although Chief now starts properly, I still get the info about the layout file having been generated by a pre-release or beta.


It seems to me as if a reinstall didn't flush out the old template files or something, and that there is a corrupt file somewhere? Since apparently a reinstall gave me new template files, where can I find those? I would have called support about this if it weren't for the weekend, and I need to get some stuff done. Anyone bumped into this problem?



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