Story Pole Dims (X8) Not Working


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This is probably a tech support issue but I can't seem to navigate my way to where to go to report these things.


Anyway, first of all the settings won't stay put in defaults as far as locating elevation objects. I remove most of the items, then when I use the dimension tool there is a whole bunch of elevation markers that I did not choose. go back to defaults and it has changed from where I set it. Then it puts the grade elevation marker a couple feet above finish floor when the terrain object is below finish floor. This upsets all of the elevation values. Since there are only two different setting as to where to put zero elevation this is a major problem. Im doing a garage so there is no finish floor or subfloor. The only other choice is grade. There needs to be more choices of where to put zero. And also the zero point should be able to be edited on the fly in the elevation view.


Okay, my file is attached

heit garage CA2.plan

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Hey I'm not sure what you was asking but....

I made some changes in the defaults for the story pole dimension and tweak the names of the callouts.  Also look at the cross section. 

We do things a little different down south..  I would have made it a mono slab, but lowered the bottoms of the footing to be below frost line, 24"


Hope this helped. 

heit garage CA2 AHSHD 16.plan

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