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Some of the rafters will not place in the plane that I want so I'm having to create a polyline solid.  However, even with that the polyline solids are not staying in the plane in which I have they have been created.  They are not following any plane at all.


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They should follow the roof plane if you are using a rafter and not a p-solid. That looks like a very easy tie in and I know Chief can do it b/c I've done it a thousand times. I'm not sure what you got going on there but if you can post the plan, someone here could look at it.

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When I use the copy command for the rafters of the valley the rafters are placed horizontally.  They are placed in the plain over which they supposed to lay instead of the correct plain.  I'd rather not have to go through the process of creating a polyline solid, but that is what it takes, but then I am getting the above situation.  The overhead view is fine and that is what I'm giving the customer, however when I do a framing walk around I see what's in the picture.

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